Google will add ‘auto-delete’ option to location history feature

01 May 2019
If you’re torn about actually using the location history feature, Google is willing to make a compromise with your data.

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I wish Sony would implement their own software, based on the ps4... I don't want to use android at all

stobs, 06 May 2019EXACTLY. i don't understand what people are so fussy abo... moreAgreed. We already are having problems with our own companies and data, so why does China want ours for some reason? My only guess they would want to get data for making their own internet and operating systems

[deleted post]In terms of smartphone pricing, yeah, I agree.

  • stobs

Walter C. Dornez, 02 May 2019Yes, because having a totalitarian regime know your data an... moreEXACTLY.

i don't understand what people are so fussy about. on one hand, they refer to social media posts of shooters, cry for camera evidence in a murder and on the other hand they squeal about their public social media posts being public and cry there's too much surveillance.


  • stobs

[deleted post]no wait i'll belay that.

but according to our esteemed community of international intellectuals, China is the hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robbie

[deleted post]I'll check that out

  • Hmm

This is what they are telling you, but in reality they are keeping the data.

Anonymous, 02 May 2019You make it sounds so good. A democratic country, with an e... moreWhile I'm not saying the US is better, at least I know what they're doing with it. Why the fock does China want my data? Me, a regular citizen? And also, when you talk of past atrocities, let's not forget what happened in 1989 in China

  • Anonymous

Walter C. Dornez, 02 May 2019Yes, because having a totalitarian regime know your data an... moreYou make it sounds so good. A democratic country, with an effective two-party system, which has committed many war crimes, protects their own war criminals, and threatens to invade actual, real democratic countries if they put said war criminals on trial.

A democratic country that views citizens and suspects, and tourists as terrorists, and monitors and collects data on people around the globe as if they were all political targets.

China has its own problems, but it has nowhere near as horrible record as the United States, and if I had to chose between giving my personal data to the two, I would assuredly pick China.

  • Anonymous

Auto-delete *your own* copy. Google will always keep a permanent record of your data, and make it available to government.

American IT products and services only give you privacy from other users, not from the manufacturer or the government.

Anonymous321, 02 May 2019ya right, only delete from the user's visibility. Everythin... moreYes, because having a totalitarian regime know your data and use it is the same as a democratic country monitoring our data

  • Robbie

Personably, I have as many google services deactivated as possible.

I can see the use of location history but the thought of all my movements tracked doesn't sit well with me at all. In fact it makes me very uneasy

My advice don't delete it. Location history is useful especially when you lost your phone. You can track down where your phone has been by logging in to a PC.

I use Google's location history feature regularly, It is very handy in many situations and has helped me a lot. In terms of privacy, I don't think that not using the location history feature will give Google any less information about you, it is just that you won't see that Google has your information, maybe that is better for some peace of mind for some people, ignorance is bliss after all.

Useless feature, 02 May 2019You are no one important. Don't bother about hiding your tr... moreYa no one cares when it's an US company spying on you. But people makes so much noise when US government said that Huawei is spying the users.

ya right, only delete from the user's visibility. Everything will still be stored on Google's databases. People make a big fuss on the US's claim that Huawei is spying it's users even without any solid evidences. But they are ok with Google, FB, Apple spying on their personal information, because they are US companies? I do not know how stupid those people are.

  • Leo

Finally I can take my side chick to new restaurants without the main chick knowing.

  • Anonymous

We dom't want the chinese to spy on us but we're ok with the US doing it. :))))))

Better turn your GPS off or delete all google apps. They will still use your data for personalized ads, even if it's turned off...

  • Anonymous

i wanted this feature for years. might be a decade now.