Weekly poll results: 5G unlikely to explode this year, as network coverage remains limited

05 May 2019
The votes are in and most of you are okay with staying on 4G until network coverage expands.

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  • Aman

Who need 5G if 4G can give speed of 50MBPs. As far as I know 5G need more and more antennas. This means more and more non-natural waves will pass through our bodies. So when True 4G can full fill my requirements why do I need 5G ?
or can we say 5G is really not everyone need, but it's need of big companies like Uber to cut down driver cost and can run cars driverless . and we will suffer 5G radiations on the name of new and better ??? where we really don't need it ?

  • Anonymous

5G will make it easier for the agencies to spy on you (and possibly some oem's)

In India, we are yet to get full coverage of 4G network in the country. 5G looks like 5 years away!

To be honest here in Slovakia we get 5G maybe around 2025 nt sooner i dont expect that.
And to me. My personal opinion and thoughts are that 4G is more than enough.
5G is nothing else just another nail to the coffin by very high radiotion and SAR levels produced by phones.
Such as brands cheats on benchmarks they will cheat on a SAR level tests.

  • Anonymous

5g Hype, 05 May 2019Who really cares about 5g. It is totally overhyped , with a... moreMaybe you said who cares about 4G. 3G is enough. It's the same. 5G is coming. Then you will say who cares about 6G. 5G is enough.

  • Anonymous

My iphone sure need to replace for 5G, but my motorolaZ just need mod to get 5G, the good things from motorola is new technolgy before other brand

  • Anonymous

And we got to thanks America and it's conspiracy theory for slowing us down.

How about 4g that is reliable and fast. I'll pick that option. 5g now is just another excuse to charge money for something you won't need right now or even in the next 2 years.

  • Bewildered

sumdumguy, 05 May 2019My area should have 5G coverage in Q3 this year so that wil... moreThe question is skewed

A, I am buying a 5G phone this year
B, I am happy with 4G now

C: I am delaying upgrade until 5G has more coverage
D: My next phone will be a 4G phone

Finally as no 4G phone can be upgraded to 5G imo many simply have not seen the 5G speed.

The 5G phones on the market now are 2019 flagship with the 5G antenna.

2020 5G phone will have better specs, there is no imperative to upgrade as already 5G.
Those holding onto 4G are stymied

According to Gsmarena one network in Switzerland is already 5G, if you are Swiss and like Apple 2020 1.5 years away

  • 5g Hype

Who really cares about 5g. It is totally overhyped , with again companies trying to sell you something that you don't need ( like the notch). 4g is fast enough and most people would be happy if 4g actually delivered 4g speeds.

  • sumdumguy

My area should have 5G coverage in Q3 this year so that will go nicely with Pixel 4. I intend to jump on it as soon as possible because 4G over here is soooooo congested that for most part of the day, it's 'faster' switching my phone manually to 3G. I'm hopeful that with 5G I'll have fast connection again until everybody's upgraded their phones. Which should take at least 2 years...

5G can wait till more research. Their is such a soup of invisible electrical waves bombarding us already and the closeness of beacons required and increased intensity of 5g microwaves on an ongoing basis in questionable on human health toll. Its progress but safety comes first above all else. When that's resolved sure.

  • Anonymous

If the first reviews say both the devices and the 5G services are delivering on the promise, then everyone will be buying big time.

Anonymous, 05 May 2019No 5G for now unless Apple releases 5G phone Apple is usually 2-3 years behind in technology... so you need to wait minimum to autumn next year :).

Apple the tech leader.... :))))))))))))

  • Anonymous

Alien , 05 May 2019I rarely use mobile data so I don't really care if it's 4G ... moreYou can buy it, but it won't make a difference since no phone can make use of uhs ii

Welcome to india. Where we are still stuck with fake 4G. Why fake? Cause it's slower than 3G in other countries I've been to where certain areas aren't reached by 4G like vietnam, filipines, and singapore.

  • trevor

Anonymous, 05 May 2019No 5G for now unless Apple releases 5G phone yep!

Radiation concerns aside, literally what for? On 4G, my videos load instantly, my browsing is fluent enough (the only bottlenecking with my browsing speed is my reading tempo, not the internet speed), I download large files (1GB+) maybe once or twice a year (for which I can just wait for wifi)... I don't understand the 5G hype at all. Why do I need 20GB/s downloading speed?

I mean, if the device has 128GB internal memory, and you add 128GB SD card, which is a nice number already... With 20GB/s you can download for whole 12 seconds before your memory is full... Congratulations on your hyperspeed.

  • Alien

I rarely use mobile data so I don't really care if it's 4G or 5G or whatever..
Also, the S10 5G version doesn't have the SD card slot. It can have 50G, if it doesn't have the SD slot, I'm not interested!

I'm planning on buying a UHS-II SD card from SanDisk which is far more important for me than mobile data speeds.


It would be nice to mention, that right now 4G have really bad coverage outside bigger cities, and even if you find it, stability of it is just poor. In Europe its not big deal because distance between cities is small, but in lots of places its its imposible to get signal, and in some areas in US, its just impossible at all.

So now someone tell us.... why pushing 5G if 4G is barely standing?

Also in real-life scenarios you will NEVER reach speed that 5G advertise, hell you cant even reach 100Mbps in 4G in perfect conditions...