Sony Ericsson Q4 and full 2011 results are out, don't look good

19 January, 2012
The company shipped 9 million phones in Q4 and lost €207M, bringing its total loss for the year to €247M.

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  • TJ Shin

Sony Ericsson phone should have a simple solid design, wide features, good processor n decent price on each product just like iPhone (they do much better in sales by many probably because these aspects aside from OS). SE dont need plenty variety of products, only a few might do better job...

  • xxx

i think sony ericsson phones are so cool and even sony phones too i cant get over why people say rubbish things about them every type of mobile out is so cool

  • AnonD-35909

i don't think sony is going the right way....what kind of fools they are?they have the perfect smartphone designs like xperia series but what they are doing with all that stuff.seriously,i am very disappointed with their price tag.for example: xperia mini::all good features but screen only 3's smartphones should also perform well and should also look good in hands like the galaxy series.

  • Ankit

Don't buy Sony Phone again we belive in Ericsson but Sony has a Such big that's a fool people to buy those product try some different brand like HTC it's give you lots of features compare to sony. Sony Sucks all time and Sony after sales is very very poor :-(

  • AnonD-38146

Gilberto, 20 Jan 2012Not only is the brand that matters, but the hardware used, and t... moreSeriously i don't get it why people believe more cores and RAM can make an android phones fast. Its the bloody OS that sucks, you know 2.3 has no dual core support and even if you had 2 cores 90% of the time its not utilized well?? U take a SGS2 and compare it with Arc S their speed and performance is same most of the time. Sony sees the point. Making a Dual core phone when there is really no use for it just lame and makes the phone expensive. But people like you seems to get fooled by only the numbers and think bigger is better. When it truth its not. Bigger is better only when you (the OS) use it well.

  • ali

i m the huge loyal fao of sony,so i suggest something advice to sony.the falluire of sony is due to not diffrensiate wid other componies,they have the big name walkman,cybershot,bravia and so...but ur not using them properly.can u imagine that ur going to single core in 2010 and 2011,and all of that ur product were selling.its ony due to ur name and loyal fans,and ig samsung selling their product wid same specification ,no one will buy its time to thing and use ur property name wid meaningful,and u only match the speces wid samsung and then ppls wil see the ur going on top,and no one compete u.i always pray for ur development.i m from pakistan and sony is name which use for standerd.

  • Anonymous

SDcard, 20 Jan 2012Have you heard about microSD cards? Who cares about internal memory? You are aware that not every app allow you to move it to the sd card, aren't you? With that pretty low internal storage you will eventually run out of memory for the apps that don't support move to sd. Be honest, you know that don't you?

  • AnonD-13154

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012one thing worst about Sony is the battery!oh boy, i would call that a misunderstood legend,
i've only heard bad about sony batteries bt my experiences were completely opposite.

my cedar got a whooping battery backup, my buddies old xperia x8 (not yet rooted) gives a 1half day backup, and my bro's xperia mini gives better back up even with hd recording and reality display, and its not a marketing gimmick. where as one of my other friends galaxy fit and anothers ace , really drains while gaming or internet . can you believe it they record in miserable qvga resolution too.

in my opinion, its the sony droids, atleast mid-range droids that are the best energy saving devices

  • Anonymous

AnonD-16342, 20 Jan 2012I am not stereotyping buddy... Android has created a mobile se... moreThat's exactly the point: in the current Sony lineup there's probably a phone that does everything that you need but, in the weird and wonderful world of mobile phone, the market is governed more by wants than by needs: people want multi core monstrosities or they will pay a premium for a phone that comes with HTC nonsense (tm :-) ) but there's just nothing sexy about having a decent phone that works and
will probably be running ICS within the next 6 months

  • AnonD-35081

don´t buy sony error they have a bad warranty service i have a xperia x2 along 4 mouths on warranty and they dont care about clients.

  • an

very good

  • AnonD-16342

AnonD-30342, 20 Jan 2012Don't Stereotype..I am not stereotyping buddy...
Android has created a mobile sentiment that more is not enough.... we had single cores, then dual, next quad and maybe another 6 months we will have 6-8 cores...which is not necessary. So it generally appeals to people who think that way...
The iOS has , in general, attracts people who dont know why or how their UX is so smooth.
What SE had missed is the touch of absurdity. When the K750i was released, it was absurd to have a 2MPX camera when others did not even had a VGA in them.
When the walkman was released, it was absurd, since nobody thought of a converged device. People used CD personal players then.... When the P990 smartphone was released, nobody expected using a device which had a Touch-screen as well as a full-on keyboard with a nice flip...... and it goes on.....

Somehow , they missed the drama... they took Android, ditching their Symbian(which was far more advanced than Nokias') and started following, making mid-range devices.....

The idea is , FIAT as company is not loved because of the Panda, it is loved because of the Maserati or Ferrari....
Volkswagen group is famous not for making Audis and Passat,but for making Buggati and Lamborgini....
Ford is loved not for making Fiesta, but for making the Mustang....
THe truth is, you need to be different, you need a flagship, even if it is hopelessly impractical, to make the headlines, otherwise people will forget you...

  • Anonymous

one thing worst about Sony is the battery!

  • AnonD-30342

AnonD-16342, 20 Jan 2012Problems for Sony... 1. if anyone wants to buy Andriod, they ar... moreDon't Stereotype..

  • AnonD-4340

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012Its not really that...other phones are much more buggy than SE..... morePerfect post man, its easy to see you know what you are talking about. Totally agree on the LESS BUGS part, with SE android becomes almost good enough. Still, even with the fairly simple approach SE uses on Xperia they have enough bugs also, but most of them are native bugs to Android it seems, i recognize some stuff on my Xperia that i also experienced on HTC running android 2.3.

  • AnonD-4340

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012Every time I tell my friend that I am going to buy a SE phone, t... moreBut thats wrong, the current SE Xperia lineup is cheap. I am a very choosy buyer, hard to please, i threw away HTC and Korean phones, just not good enough, Xperia is the only android phone i found to have minimum lag and good stability, and for hardware quality then history speaks for itself, SE is THE most durable and retains very high second hand value. Try to buy an K810i and see for yourself, those oldtimes sell for very high amounts.

Anyway, SE does not offer what ppl want, thats the problem, dualcore is one example, and displays is another, thers no IPS like on LG or SLCD like on HTC, SE use old fashion LCD and is quite unsatisfying no matter how many times they write Bravida on it.

Also... Its kinda Nazi with SE, for example they refuse to offer an option to turn off display autobrightness, the result is an occasinally flickering screen, on ALL XPERIA MODELS. They shud listen to market trends and user opinions, thats how HTC manages to sell their crappy Android fones.

Android is pretty bad but SE Xperia are the best androids, simple and fairly stable, unlike HTC and Samsung that bogs down under poorly designed additional functionality. Se doesnt add bloat, thats why Xperia feels smoother and faster and more stable than other Android fones. Never had my xperia pro hang or freeze, thats a first for me, i didnt think that was possible with android.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012Every time I tell my friend that I am going to buy a SE phone, t... moreIts not really that...other phones are much more buggy than SE..
The problem is as I have said before..
There is nothing spectacular than SE brings on to the table...the mobile market today is not flashy things are more go than ever....
Look at what Apple did with their sub-par spec sheet, look at what Sammy did with their low quality materials, look what Nokia is trying to do with Lumias... Sony Ericsson had a immense reputation earlier with Cybershot and Walkman as the innovator of mobile arena....but they are just a bunch of followers..and Sony cant do better either..

  • Anonymous

SDcard, 20 Jan 2012Have you heard about microSD cards? Who cares about internal memory? because not all apps are micro sd supported... so it pays and helps bucket loads to have a good internal memory...research?

  • Gilberto

Not only is the brand that matters, but the hardware used, and the quality of it! Not to mention updates are very important I had a Sony Ericsson X10 at the time was one of the best hardware existed. However no updates not to mention that the screen scratches easily, no Gorilla, the Touch had serious problems of accuracy, the a customization of Android was beautiful, but just that, left alone in the beautiful! In general made ​​him slow and not to mention that I had some things that annoy me! In other words I swore to myself never to buy Sony Ericsson. So I bought a Galaxy S and then yes, I was really happy! Now only one advice for the "Sony" I hope that in future hardware devices put a top real type quadcore Cortex A15 to 2Ghz speed and 2 GB of RAM in dual channel and Gorilla and preferably without customizations on Android since this version of ICS is already beautiful and do not forget the updates whenever possible, and also a treatment for fat and water on the screen. Let the tip! Goodbye.

  • Anonymous

Every time I tell my friend that I am going to buy a SE phone, they suggest me not to , Reason being the battery life is very low. The hardware has too many issues when it comes to quality and user interface, and for teh quality of the h/w and teh low battery life, they charge you more than the phones that are much better in all aspects. Probably that is why people dont prefer this brand. But thats just my opinion.