HTC to unveil its first quad-core smartphone on February 26?

19 January, 2012
HTC will hold an event the day before the MWC kicks off and we expect to see the rumored Edge unveiled there.

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  • AnonD-26870

Sephiroth, 19 Jan 2012Maybe you should learn to manage your battery life. I have... moreSo, in that case what's the point on having a smartphone if you manage to get from it a moderate use? Maybe for show-off, else it doesn't pay the money

  • AnonD-16342

Quad core/???? again will bring more disadvantages than advantages....
Same as the 16MPX device, more pixels, absolutely horrendous image quality....

  • Anonymous

Quad core = pointless marketing gimmick that will make no noticable difference.

  • wll

AnonD-2663, 20 Jan 2012the clueless fanboys commenting here are hilarious. If i... moreThat's what great about Android then, you have Intel and well as ARM/Qualcomm etc. Too bad that Medfield chip won't be donning the N8 or Symbian anytime soon then.

  • AnonD-2663

the clueless fanboys commenting here are hilarious.

If i tried to use an android handset the way I commonly use my N8 (heavily) , the baterry would last about 4 hours, maximum.

A quad core chip is not more energy efficient than a dual/single core, no matter how hard fanboys try to convince themselves it is; If it were, your phone wouldn't heat up like pot belly oven, which is a very common problem with dual core android handsets.

Finally, even with 4 cores these crappy arm chips won't be able to match the raw performance of Intel processors. Just look at Medfield- even with one core it kicks dual core butt.

  • TMach

Not sure I am interested in quad core at the moment as doubt most apps etc are not remotely optimised for that. In fact, most are not optimised for dual core and quite a few not even for ICS, I know as a lot of the apps I have on my Sensation XE don't work at all on my Galaxy Nexus. I want certainty in what I am using a dual core is mighty fast for now. Sony and ICrapple may seem to be behind in the specs race, they nearly always get it right. Also getting a bit bored with Sense UI and form factor of HTC. Time to give both a facelift! Looks like Xperia S as my next handset.

  • AnonD-96

a NEW HTC again! Stop it HTC, stop releasing a new phone ALMOST every WEEK!!!

I'm a user of HTC Desire HD and you know what???
This is the FIRST time and the LAST TIME that I'm buying a HTC phone even that I was a huge fan of HTC at the beginning! But know every phone is identical, BATTERY life is rubbish & crap! Screen is far far behind the competition, for example Samsung's screens and iPhone's retina display!

And The HARDWARE is crap even it is an Aluminium-unibody, my volume rockers broke after 5-6 months of using it, now I'm waiting for SGS3 or an iPhone 5 to be released and to escape from HTC.

  • GreekGeek

We need a 4inch monster phone god damn it


realy very nice mobile

  • Mark Hoffman

The design of this HTC shown on the image reminds me of the HTC Wildfire S (, I'm pretty sure it would be a killer phone.

  • cjdelphi

LCD panel under the OLED panel with indigo technology... here's indigo if you've never seen it, and this video was from the 90's now why has this technology been exploited for other devices?...

  • hmak

Now htc is the leading brand in smart phone industry and no one can beat the tegra 3 quad core.. just count the value of hardware and compare it with iphone or samsung.. these are nothing in front of tegra (Nvidia's technology.. Hope to see the htc edge with tegra 3.

  • AnonD-12395

If it is real photo, with this bezel and specs, it is a killer phone. Robert Lichota

  • Jigsaw

After HTC presented the HTC Titan II(Windows Phone 7) Now I can actually bet that HTC would be presenting a Quad-Core Smartphone with a 16 Megapixel Camera(Just like the Titan II Camera) powered with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) just ready for the new Android ICS 4.0, probably a screen between 4.3 or 4.8 inches long, Bluetooth 4.0, probably HTC might include NFC if it feels like it, the never missing HDMI port, HTC Sense 3 (like the one seen on the HTC Sensation).

This is the most I dare to mention on what I believe the specs should be on this new HTC model, I hope that HTC's impatience to show this new model is worth it.

  • cjdelphi

The trend here is simple, battery life.. and heat and exploding batteries if we're not careful but anyway, battery life...

How about 2 Power Buttons?.... each one will only work if the other processor is not in use, but here's my proposal, how about a 2nd very low, no extremely power efficient processor, either ARM or something else, something around the 16-33mhz range , something you'd see in a typical arduino range but a little more powerful, using a second slice of gorilla glass, place that technology from LCD watches glowstuff, used in watches, indigo i think it was called, a blue or green anyway the processor has to be powerfull enough to handle data so maybe something more powerul will be needed (gsm 850 etc), with basic menus, basic interface, enough support for capacitive touchscreen for basic menu interfaces, we could even have a 1meg rom for it, imagine windows 3.1 or or safe mode on XP or something, but with basic TCP IP and basic read/write support to access the SD memory..

With careful thought why not, then we could switch it into another mode and have a phone that would work 90% on the ARM processor and then last a further 7 days on the 2nd processor ... i'm sure LCD could be injected between to very thin pieces of gorilla glass just under the OLED panel (as to not interfere with the OLED display)

LCD and LCD I don't think it would work because it's polarized, but OLED and LCD will work if OLED sits on top of the LCD layer... costs would go up but, old people would absolutely love huge buttons to press with a nice green warm glow to it at night...

  • Bill

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012I am still using 6310i - can't find decent replacement...I can believe that, the 6310i is a very capable phone but me and you are not alike. I happen to love social networking, apps, movies, tv shows, gps and music on my 2012 phone and am not stuck in 2001 anymore. Sorry buddy, but times have moved on and id rather take for geanted and be grateful for what i have today than be stuck with a boring dinosaur when the world around me is changing rapidly technologically. Those features are a necessity, not a want, imagine a crash and you need evidence implicating that driver behind you. It is easier uploading images on the web today via your phone then it ever was with a laptop and a ca,era ten years ago.

  • Chewy

Reading all these comments makes an interesting read ;D

Battery life can be improved by using your smart phone efficiently, using apps to limit battery useage when the phone is lock in a pocket or at night when you're sleeping. Apps like Battery Defender are designed to extend the life of your battery.

It's kind of ironic really, that all these people come crawling out of the woodwork to slate HTC for going to quad-core. I bet they are the same people that moaned about Dual-core last year, and every other technology advancement for the last few years. Yet they'll end up getting Quad-core and using it, and saying stuff like "QUAD COREZ WINZ ETS UBER FASTUR THN DUAL COARS", and then will moan again when someone announced an 8 core chip. Just get a grip and roll with technology.

If people didn't push the boundries of whats doable with technology, we wouldn't have a smart phones at all.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012The only phones worth waiting for this year in my opinion a... moreCan we get some nonbiased people to comment?

  • Iknes

sequ, 20 Jan 2012will android actually support the 4 cores? I dont think so, at the momment its not supports fully the dual core too..

  • cjdelphi

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012I am still using 6310i - can't find decent replacement...Interesting comment sorry lol, not that funny, but supposing they were to create a what was that phone? 20-30mhz?...

If they recreated that phone with black and white, but using the most efficient processors known to man, how long would say a 500ma battery last vs the phone back in 1999?...

Obviously, the radio signals will drain the phone fast, so just for 2g signals to get sms, phone calls, but not actually take any, 4days standby back then.. how many days standby now?....