HTC to unveil its first quad-core smartphone on February 26?

19 January, 2012
HTC will hold an event the day before the MWC kicks off and we expect to see the rumored Edge unveiled there.

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  • DAVE the BRAVE

AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! What's wrong with you people? There're so many ill-informed and ludicrous comments on this site. If you don't want a quad core phone, don't buy one and don't comment on whether you think a quad core phone is useless or not because you can't change the fact that quad core phones will be released in the near future.

Also do some research on how the cores will be used before making stupid comments about battery life. Please, educate yourself people!

  • sequ

will android actually support the 4 cores?

  • Anonymous

The only phones worth waiting for this year in my opinion are the iPhone 5 or SGS3, as they are probably the only ones that will bring anything significant to the table.

  • z

4 cores.... just another market trick.

  • Anonymous

William, 19 Jan 2012Hmmm....I bet most of you complained when colour screens re... moreI am still using 6310i - can't find decent replacement...

  • aaki


  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You' right and wrong. Right on the evolution. It is evolution. I was implying that hardware devices these days are too much to be merely called smart phones anymore. They are way bigger and smarter than the PC's of the 90's. You can even call it a server at those ages. and still you tag the name with a phone. Now where is the evelotion there? I was saying leave that word alone and jump to a better more fit category, Geezzz a world would have been better with uncreative retards, right?

  • Wilson

HTC, it now sounds interesting.This thing of SAME SCRIPT,DIFFERENT CAST was wearing me out big time.A few points first,if you want this one to get noticed:
1. Drop S-LCDs. For crying out loud the competition did not stall when you stopped,HTC.Super AMOLEDs,AH-IPS,Reality Displays and Retinas just tell half of the story. Don't tell me my aging Wave S8500 will be better to look at than this one.
2. Battery Life-Look at the Razr Maxx and learn a few lessons.No excuse.
3.Cameras-If GSM Arena finds that sensor faulty with the ever-non-ending pink spot(is that right?),count me out.
4. Death Grip issues-Once bitten,twice shy. Ask the Sensation or iphone 4.
5.Heft-I do not want a massive bulge on my skinny jeans. People will think am carrying a brick. Ask Samsung, oh sorry, Huawei for some clues to losing weight.
6.Pricing-If the Sensation is out of reach for many today, despite flopping(forgive my yardstick i.e. SGS II or iphone 4S), then this one will cost us an arm and a leg.
7.Chipset- Qual--what? Tegra? Ahem,A bit palatable but remember MedFields and Exynos are still somewhere under the sun.
8. Marketing- I asked a female colleague here in the office(she has a Bachelor's degree in I.T, remember) what HTC is.Forgive her-or should that be HTC's-ignorance,because she knows of Samsung and Steve Jobs. HTC spread the hype, the number of Samsung and Sony Ericsson ads I see on National TV here are countless.

  • Anonymous

who needs a qcore phone??????????? are u gonna play angry birds on it??? The best mobile game of 2011 was infinity blade right? and this is what you call a high end game? lolololololololol

  • Ruwin

Mike, 20 Jan 2012Last time you checked was a long time ago because low end ... moreJust another guy who doesn't know what he is talking. Single cores run win7 and will run win8 perfectly. Seriously, how old are most of you guys?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Evolution?

There is no evolution in hardware or live.
It only in your head or textbook nothing more.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012I don't get it. We are talking about phone right? A smart p... moreA phone which can dial and talk. You need a nokia 3330. :-P

The rest are free to buy what they want..

  • buky

many ppls asking why quad cores why who need it... etc

well try to image that one day we wont have PCs
we duck the Smartphone and u will have the power of latest pc today its will come :D

PCs will be supercomputers when it will happens no need for them

sorry for my bad english

  • Anonymous

if i get 20hours of battery life on my single core htc mozart on a single charge, if i get 4 cores running, how many hours will i have before i need to charge my phone again? 6 hours? 7? 8? the issue that needs to get tackled is the battery life, its not about how many power hungry cores it should have. i'm sure this 4-core phone wont benefit me on 3-day hiking trips where there is no way i can charge this beast.

  • Anonymous

I don't get it. We are talking about phone right? A smart phone, but still a phone. Geez... these things should be renamed like "palm pads" or bring back the "PDA" as they become more of a computer than just a phone. Give back the respect of what phones should be... where you dial and talk. simple.

  • vichy

when ICS available for sensation XL?

  • murali

it will be opcinalwit 18 mp cam

  • AnonD-38762

Well, it is clear that many guys are dissatisfied with the performance of HTC in the battery life. And I must agree. I really do hope they will fix that in this new release. And quad core ? Yeah well, I love the more power - it seems there are logic behind the madness.
For the interim, I just love my new Galaxy Note - big screen and all. Definately the best Phone on the market at the moment. HTC will need to shape up to compare with that one..!!

  • Anonymous

LG will probably have the first quad core phone out like they did with Tegra 2 dual core but it will be buggy as the Optimus 2X

  • Anonymous

Quad core? Omnomnom battery life especially if they continue to use small batteries like the 1650 mAh one...