HTC to unveil its first quad-core smartphone on February 26?

19 January, 2012
HTC will hold an event the day before the MWC kicks off and we expect to see the rumored Edge unveiled there.

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  • Lovely

Yeah Quad core fast cpu and fast battery life lols! whats the point?????????????????????????

  • KwameKino

720p???? y not 1080p !!! :(

  • Anonymous

My bet is that it will still laggy just like quad core Transformer Prime.

  • Bill

Im more interested in the chip after Tegra 3, i believe its called Logan or Wayne which will be 5 times the power of Tegra 2 and twice the power of Kal El, the current generation NVIDIA Tegra3 chip. There's also the ARM Mali T658 chip not due till next year, hopefully in time for the Samsung Galaxy s4 which shows the possibilities of enhanced HUD displays and 3D HD gaming, in time for the Jellybean Android 5.0 update. I suppose my main concern will be the cost as the chip architecture becomes smaller and more power efficient with rumors that within this decade phones will be capable of a terabyte of memory, the manufacturers will charge more for top end offerings at a ridiculous price, the price you pay for new tech. Just a decade ago, the top if the range P800 from SE set me back 300 plus pounds, the equivalent today has to be almost double that, if not treble is some cases, such as the Iphone 4s if there were a 128gb SD card as standard.

  • Kishbatman

Buy a samsung galaxy note it's worth every penny of your shard earned money spent ,has a really gorgeous screen . As i have one with noncomplains at all . Grab it
and as faR as the quad core phones are concerned jus hope htc has done a major improvment in their battery or it will be a battle lost before even they start fighting it

  • AnonD-669

Please, show us first how a dual-core works and can be fully utilize before introducing us to another market nichè.

  • Anom

Before phone manufacturers actually make quad core phones and hd resolution screens, they should develope the battery technology which will give the smart phones more than a days usage out of them. Yes it will great with 4 cores, great with hd screens, but who wants to run and charge their phone every few hours? Who wants to dim down their screen to have optimal battery life, even if its only an extra 2 hours? Great phone, a better battery life would be awesome!

  • AnonD-38738

Whatever they are releasing quad core or eight core, they are all bullshit because there phone have no battery backup. They really sucks. Wait for Samsung Galaxy S III.

  • Mike

bazoom, 19 Jan 2012Last time i check even computer were fine with single core. But ... moreLast time you checked was a long time ago because low end computers are at least dual cores no computer is "Fine" with a single core cpu under Win7 or Win 8

  • oled

Htc really has a questionable battery life, ive been through with their phones from the desire hd to the sensation xe and they are all rubbish in terms of battery life. Also the ui lag is horrible! It might tske more than a quadcore to save the sense ui.

  • george

all HTC phones look the same ... bleah

  • AnonD-2663

lol... The next generation of android smartphones will be 5.4" or larger, which is ridiculous in my opinion

P.S. I bet 90% of the readers here didn't see the ? at the end of the sentence.

  • Panon

Mustafa, 19 Jan 2012HTC has trouble making phones with single-core processors that h... morei heard that the quad core is actually going to reduce the power drain... possibly something to do with it processing faster and being more efficient... only time will tell though :o)

  • Anonymous

Mustafa, 19 Jan 2012HTC has trouble making phones with single-core processors that h... moreIts the Ram that is bad for battery not the processor !

  • Anonymous

these manufacturers seem to enjoy playing their silly little games. if your phone has a good battery then the camera is not so good, if the camera is good then the battery not so great. Do you see my point? NONE of these devices come with everything as it should be & this causes arguments amongst ourselves about which is better & which is not so good smdh.

Bottom line for me is always the design of a product & if it has some good other features which work well, then hey, i am happy.

Looking forward to seeing the SGS3 & iphone 5 this year, should be exciting.

  • Sephiroth

Mustafa, 19 Jan 2012HTC has trouble making phones with single-core processors that h... moreMaybe you should learn to manage your battery life. I have an HTC Raider, its dual core and LTE I can get two days out of the battery with moderate use.

  • thecalmcritic

I don't care if smartphone CPUs are getting better power draw efficiencies it's still not an excuse for HTC (and/or everyone else for that matter) to half heartedly include 1600 - 1700 mAh batts. The more multi day charge we get out of our well spent phones the better.

That and quad cores require a far far better optimized Sense Ui + manufacturer's firmware/ROM apps to go around it.

  • Marko

HTC made a phone with optimised 800mhz battery (Desire Z) but running at the speed of the Desire's 1ghz and everyone said "why are HTC bringing out under powered phones?" So can you blame them for putting the fastest bits in new phones... If that is what they are doing anyway...

  • Rox

Obviously you don't know HTC phones.
I have had many phones including iPhones (sorry for swearing) my HTC's have been the best.
My present phone is the sensation xe. 37 hours plus battery life, not bad.
I for one am looking forward to the new HTC range.
Whilst I agree quad core is maybe a bit too much.the build quality of HTC
is second to none

  • vdxcf

Not interested in HTC anymore. This company lacks imagination