2019 iPhones to use new antenna tech, expect better reception

06 May 2019
The new antenna technology will improve indoor navigation.

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Fingers crossed, if apple ask career to supply them with aerial parts again, career tell apple to go shove it, I would, stuff the money, just the satisfaction of putting a small spanner in apples works would be enough for me...

  • Anonymous

It's actually kind of sad more focus is not on signal strength in most smart pharaohs since even 10 years ago

  • Anonymous

In-door navigation... for when you're so dozed off and dumbed down you can't even read the signs in public buildings? Or is it in-door tracking?

  • Anonymous

hmm, 06 May 2019Or expect that apple will teach you to hold your phone in a... moreWell over 6 years later, still beating on that same dead horse ( °)( °)

  • AnonD-706668

Whatever, next time I will not purchase any iPhone..because I am fed up with its software restrictions and camera quality..android is better...it has many freedom...also better camera quality...for example: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro has a great camera...and its night mode is really impressive for lowlight Photography..so, next time Android

Hats off to Apple to pull this off! I mean so many complaints regarding reception (my household has an X and XR) and yet, they continue to sell over-priced devices plus focus to improve (read:fix) the same which is core functionality of any phone! Bravo, Apple and I bow down to the folks who buy these.

  • Anonymous

Apple is an elitist company, rich people company,their products doesn't even excite me one bit

  • z

so we don't have to hold it in right hand anymore to have reception

retractable antenna perhaps

  • Logic not found

How could
=>also bring the production cost down

=>production cost will be 10 to 20% up

I made this cheaper now, so you must pay more

  • Carol

This time, they will send a case with it,just in case....you're holding it too tight and the signal can't breathe.

  • Tedd

hmm, 06 May 2019Or expect that apple will teach you to hold your phone in a... moreYep, now you should try to hold it with your feet. XD And if you can't, no problem, they'll invent another thing to raise the price other 20%. ^^ Innovation!!!

  • Anonymous

"New" tech, new reason for a price hike.

  • justAPPLE

apple : first ever iphone to feature new antenna tech..... revolutionary...
also apple : add $100 more to the retail price.. cost of new innovation

  • hmm

Or expect that apple will teach you to hold your phone in a totally new way for there antenna to work :D

price hike says hi with better reception...

That’s a good news cause I’m looking to buy one of those 2019 iPhones to replace mine. iPhones aren’t that good in term of reception cause even my G6 is faster in navigation then my X...

  • basque0288

they could also use better battery.. My iphone X battery capacity is still at 99% and dosen't last a full day.

  • Ekran

Oh, innovation! Cheaper antennas but 10-20% increase profit/price. Well, more of the same. LUL