Apple is cooking up big software changes at this year's WWDC

06 May 2019
Dark mode coming to iOS and iPad apps running on macOS.

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I went through the notes from the source provided, still no OTG support for iOS and it doesn't seem like the files app would be so convenient like android

  • AnonD-706668

Whatever, next time I will not purchase any iPhone..because I am fed up with its software restrictions and camera is has many freedom...also better camera quality...for example: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro has a great camera...and its night mode is really impressive for lowlight, next time Android

They should add android instead of IOS.
Then the only thing which will be dedicated to apple will be a logo of t he phone.
Rest is made by other non apple related companies such as Samsung, TSMC, Sony etc.

  • Anonymous

"Some big software change"

Dark mode..... Okay.....

"dark mode coming to ios" haha. more like "dark times". and if the recent reports of apple decline is of any indication, its very dark indeed.