New Google Assistant is faster, smarter, can turn your car's A/C on remotely

07 May 2019
Assistant's "brain" is getting transplanted from the cloud to your phone for faster responses. Also, soon Google Duplex will be able to rent you a car.

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s-pen pusher, 08 May 2019i meant ai or the google assistant itself getting smarter a... morethen Skynet is imminent.... LMAO...
but Skynet's inevitable if we play a God's game.... it'll be only time till all AI will be self-aware....

  • s-pen pusher

Crescendo, 08 May 2019no if Google also implement some countermeasures against th... morei meant ai or the google assistant itself getting smarter and doing things you did not tell it to do, given that you have tons of information stored in your google services.

  • Hmm

They trying anything to get into your life whether you want it or not....with pointless crap.....

  • Anonymous

Turning on AC when parked?.. Will the battery go dead? Will you waste fuel running the engine?

Maybe it will be good in very hot or very cold countries.. else its a waste of resources IMO..

  • Android Auto bad

Meaningless feature. Only available on stated cars, and all so limited handsets. Focus on core functionality, works with third party head units... so ALL cars can benefit from this.

Wireless Android Auto is bad, the phone burns thru the battery faster then your journey.. no different from just plugging it in. Making car wireless mirroring a better deal...

Android Auto is bad. Even with wired, it still sometimes disconnects.

Why not focus on getting the core expects working? Bring it to more countries?

On the other hand, Wear OS is JUNK, drains battery like a joke. TWICE.. TWICE the battery capacity of a typical gen 4 Apple Watch.. and it last less then a apple watch gen 2. Forcing tons of people to DOWNgrade..

You may have the upper hand with Phones OS.. But your getting attacked by Apple in multiple fronts.. Tablet sector.. Watch sector.. Cars sector.. Computer sector (Chrome OS vs MacOS). Sure, people on a budget may not see this.. because all they have is a phone, but people who owns multiple assets will get fed up and go Apple instead.

s-pen pusher, 08 May 2019i'm a bit worried about duplex in that in demos i watched o... moreno if Google also implement some countermeasures against this kind of fraud...

like: your card must be linked to G before you able to order any purchases via Duplex...
so if you gonna prank somebody, goodluck paying the bills....

hope this time they fixed the forgetfulness bug...
I hate being asked so many times about who my wife is...

and believe me, my wife's only one & I'm not getting a divorce every 2 days....

  • s-pen pusher

i'm a bit worried about duplex in that in demos i watched online suggests it is difficult to tell if you're speaking with ai or a real person. with the information it knows about you and the recent developments in ai photo/videography it is only a matter of time before they learn to emulate a personality or even a real person. i know it's a little bit "skynet"ish, but, well, it is. the future will be run by these intelligent assistants and i hope there is some protocol or contingency in place in case they go berserk and start renting cars or order a truckload of pizzas in your behalf.

Anonymous, 07 May 2019If only my AC worked.Are you sure it's not, only if I had a car?

Google assistant in the car sux! Super buggy, especially when you summon it and the music is still playing in the background. Dumb..

  • Anonymous

If only my AC worked.

Meanwhile, Siri still can't tell me the first amendment

Am not a fan of Assistants. I just used them for fun. But it’s interesting.