Weekly poll: Are the new Pixel 3a and 3a XL any good?

12 May 2019
At nearly half the launch price of the original Pixel 3 duo, these offer the sameflagshipcamera. And 3.5mm headphone jacks too!

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  • Rkr

I grabbed the pixel 3a thinking that the camera would be decent, i know its in the budget range for smartphone. Anyhow I got home , right off the bat, battery was acting up, so once i finally got it to charge, i decided to snap a photo. They say that its the same camera as the pixl 3 and 3 xl. Unreal, I thought I was brought back to the past. Camera is actually a waste. And in my opinion, stay away from the pixel. I brought it back the same day, and now the Huawei ! (Awesome phone)

To expensive fir hardwsre it offers and software is not really enough to cover later

  • Anonymous

I really don’t think the new pixels are any good when you can buy a new lg v40 or basically any other flagship device for less than $400 which is going to have a slightly worse camera but will definitely be better than these new phones in all other aspects: the display, the processor, the storage, the ram and the battery I think the only reason why people are buying the new pixels is because of their marketing campaign and the fact that they don’t even search a little before buying a phone: they just go with the most popular option

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 13 May 2019First time I was called a Pixel fanboy. I'm usually called an iS... moreBeing fanboy is nothing wrong. Sorry if my comment offended you but that was not the purpose of it

  • Anonymous

Alien , 13 May 2019I'll never buy a Pixel because they don't have the SD card slot.... moreAgree and OTG handy I don't use cloud stuff

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2019I'm sure they're ok phones, but they're terribly over-priced. A ... moreOf course you are plastic, probably 100 to make

Anonymous, 13 May 2019Yeah, just a phone for 1st world countries + India (for the sake... moreagreed, no benefit for SEA countries...

  • Anonymous

I'm sure they're ok phones, but they're terribly over-priced. A bit like Apple phones -- you are getting robbed.

ProJames-CHM, 13 May 2019Thank you. You are now part of the very select club of smart buy... moreTotally agreed. First thing I'm getting when I get into college is an old Note, preferably the Note9 because of its dramatic price drop (~600 EUR in MYR right now)

Otherwise, there are the Note FE for ~300 EUR and Note8 for ~420 EUR. It's amusing that the best phones depreciate the fastest

  • Venkat

It's tooooooooo costly in India, They want to survive in India need to cut down the price...
Now a day's you can find better mobiles with 6GB RAM & 64GB ROM in less than 20k...

  • Anonymous

Yeah, just a phone for 1st world countries + India (for the sake of CEO's homeland).

I would consider the Pixel 3a duo a flop for their target price-points. Nice try but this phone will only be popular for enthusiasts or for developers that wants latest Android for cheap. The Pixel 3a and XL is NOT particularly a bad phone, only the price-points were. For the common consumers that considers these Pixel series, I would like you to highly consider the Galaxy Note 8, S8+, LG V30, S9 (used), and even the Note 9 (used) because here is Asia, these phones were much more cheaper than the newly launched Pixel 3a/3a XL online.

  • Anonymous

Maybe, just maybe the pixel 3a XL is "okay" if no other options are available. The 3a is just a sad product. Google, inventor of Android, running all bloatware on it's pixel 3 "rammed" in 4GB of RAM in all of this phone series. That's simply not enough to run the newest version of Android...how can I tell? I use a da*n regular Pixel 3. Yes, mostly it runs smoothly, but then again some of the regular apps stutter and there are alot of force closes (the phone seems to recalibrate/restart some apps)...on a 750€ phone! There may be no reason for 12GB RAM, but 4GB is just not enough. So, as Google decided to pack in the same amount of RAM in all 4 phones, they also decided on sacraficing the SOC for a SOC found on entry level mid-ranged phones. Clearly the SD670 will be enough for nearly everyone, but then again - there are phones running a SD855 and 8GB RAM sporting better cameras - for 450€. We talking Huawei, Oneplus, Xiaomi, etc. And all those "true americans" fighting for their brands: the pixel 3(a) gets produced in china with chinese hardware for chinese prices, there is no need to add a "premium" charge of at least 100€ on top of a 300€ phone for faulty software (again, I own a pixel 3!). And, if you still don't want chinese phones - the regular pixel 3 is just 100-150€ more expensive than the 3a...why would anyone buy into a mess like the 3a right now? If you want regular updates -> regular pixel 3, xiaomi, oneplus, if you want a headphone jack -> Huawei, Xiaomi. Please consider not buying the 3a, I personally wish for google to release some real competing phones for a good price once again (Nexus 1-5). Greetings, a Nexus-Fanboy.

  • Gg bruh

Nope, other phones such as the mi9 is way better at this price point...plus if you really want those great software experience and cameras, might as well just buy a pocophone and flash pixel experience ROM with gcam...plus you're getting alot more performance at a cheaper price

  • Alien

I'll never buy a Pixel because they don't have the SD card slot.
On top of that, the Pixels are the UGLIEST phones on the market.
Hell, I've seen better looking feature phones from no-name brands!
I can live without the latest updates, but I definitely can't without my SD card.

Only Samsung or Sony for me!

  • Anonymous

not available in my country :(

  • Anonymous

AnonD-794992, 13 May 2019Wow. Pixel fan boys are enjoying typing very much:) First time I was called a Pixel fanboy. I'm usually called an iSheep or something like that. Maybe, just maybe, it's because I'm not a fanboy at all, and the real fanboys, the die-hard Xiaomi/OnePlus/Oppo/Huawei/Samsung fanboys, call neutral people like me fanboys.

i actually trust this guy from xda.


so on point. naf said.

the design is ugly AF, i wonder what kind of ppl find these designs intriguing.

  • Anonymous

3a is a great phone at a great price....for the US. In other markets, it just can't compete with the 6t's and the XR's. The XR is especially important as it is dangerously close in price and has a processor that's twice as fast and will probably recieve updates for twice as long (6 years!). Never thought apple would be this competitive.