Sony Ericsson ST25i Kumquat emerges in a photo

20 January, 2012
The smartphone looks a lot like Sony Xperia S. A launch at MWC next month is all but certain.

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  • smart phone

very hardwork but goooooooooooood work
smart phone

  • AnonD-38309

mokijn, 23 Jan 2012Sony should stop referring to their products as phones or smart ... moreUnlike you, I really have an SE phone and I can say that the call quality is more than amazing. If you are really that stupid, Ericcson is the biggest telecommunication company in the world so I guess you are lying.

I do encourage everyone else to buy a Sony device because the user experience is amazing.

  • mokijn

Sony should stop referring to their products as phones or smart phones and just call them accessories. Sony phones are known to use outdated technology and they sell their products by making them aesthetically pleasing. Speaking from experience, the last se phone I had had extremely poor call quality and I much rather use a malfunctioning jackhammer as a sex toy then deal with their customer service. For the record, my phone had battery fluid leaking out of it after using it for a month a they pretty much told it's my fault.

Moral of the story: I never buying another se phone and am encouraging everyone to do the same

  • Alex

As I can see, this smart is the best for hanging out with friends and outdoor activities. It's small and great!

  • thinkgreen

So many negative statements I've heard in every news about SONY,,,why these people always bashing without real proof...
In fact,I'm now still using Zylo...
the best in its class...
except my ex-K850i and C905i,,,they're real crappy phone I've met...
Never ever consider again to buy Flagship,
Mid class is even better...

  • gilbs72

I love my Xperia neo and admire the design for that series of SE Xperias--specially the Arc. I just don't like the designs of the upcoming SE Xperias. They're ugly! Looks like the user is carrying a docking station along with the phone.

  • Anonymous

I am a hardcore fan of sony. I am waiting for this phone.

  • Azyar

woa dual core... hope its not expensive

  • AnonD-30293

Looking forward to field test this phone

No other phones within its size and price category will have either its specs or overall software finesse which feels close to stock Android (the XP skin is light when compared to other Android OEM skin customizations)

  • AnonD-30293

[deleted post]What I meant by you contradicting yourself was because you stated that the Lumia 900 will rock out, which I look forward to since Nokia holds a special place in me despite being an SMC staff

Getting a Lumia 800 for myself since I get my Xperia phones for free anyway

However, you sought help for Nokia immediately after your post


  • AnonD-12395

As much as I try, cannot get overly enthusiastic about the downgraded sets. I would rather get the original - test return or something if it were all about price. Robert Lichota

  • AnonD-30293

[deleted post]You just contradicted yourself fyi

  • jai

like the way it looks. We await more specs

  • AnonD-13758

I would be waiting for it...

  • mkq

I do not understand this phone sony or sonyericsson!!!!!!

  • kumquater

nice title for it...come on now lol

  • Anonymous

sony/ericsson really have cool designs. may not be the fastest but their phones are really nice and smoth still.

  • adm151

super telephone.

  • AnonD-30293

Makcik, 22 Jan 2012This phone will named XPERIA U, based on the letter of submissio... moreNice spot Makcik

Thanks for the heads up

Going by this naming convention, codenames Nypon and Pepper should be called the Xperia T and V then, in no particular order.

  • don_perry_rr

it's sony ericsson.. i don't think it will still be released to public