OnePlus 7 Pro official with 48MP triple cam, 6.67" 90Hz display and Warp Charge

14 May 2019
It comes with a pop-up selfie cam, HDR10+ QHD screen and stereo speakers.

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  • Anonymous

Vegetaholic, 03 Jun 2019No water resistance, no 3.5mm, gimicky screen. Still cant compet... moreSure

No water resistance, no 3.5mm, gimicky screen. Still cant compete with top dogs I am afraid. If the price was lower, when it would be beast but it is too expensive for what it offers, S10 can be found for similar price and it is much better choice

  • El Natan

Anonymous, 15 May 2019Sony fanboy detected. I second that XD

  • El Natan

Kress, 15 May 2019Add, no IP, no SD Card, no wireless charging and want 700 EUR fo... moreThe IP rating is a piece of mind feature. It doesn't give you warranty coverage, and OnePlus phones have been proven to meet IP67 (not sure about IP68) standards, so it's really extra money for no functional gain.

  • El Natan

Veneno, 15 May 2019Price increase and nothing new, Oneplus is shit now. Just social... moreOnePlus "We will kill flagships at half the cost!"
OnePlus *Sells phone for $750*
I guess Harvey Dent was right...You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • El Natan

Whackcar, 15 May 2019If you're into that 90hz display on the 7 Pro, then go for it. O... moreI'm pretty sure you mean P30 Pro...the current flagship...which is also more expensive.

123, 15 May 2019This or Huawei Mate20Pro ?If you're into that 90hz display on the 7 Pro, then go for it. Otherwise, the Mate 20 Pro is better in every other category (design, cameras, battery endurance, features).

If you're in the US though, then perhaps going for the 7 Pro is a better choice, as then you'd get official local warranty & customer support.

  • Anonymous

And warped battery from repeated warp charge.

Excellent mobile for those who own 3 plus years mobile for replacement. I would have considered if this had 5G though none of the service providers have 5G in my area. When 7T Pro with 5G comes I might consider if it is for the same price. Any further increase in price will be a deathblow for them and the existing customers might lose out support due to shrinking user base....they can't play Apple or Samsung though they offer almost similar features user experience like flagships. BTW, my wife has OP6 that has the best camera and I am willing to bet it's wonderful cameras.....better than flagships IMHO

  • One Punch 8

kova4a, 15 May 2019I'm with you but they still needed to keep the price somewhat lo... moreI mean the Pro to have these overkill specs and the regular one to have a few of them, the must features, like IP68, microSD and 3.5mm headphone jack, latest gen gorilla glass etc.
And about the screen, I'm sure that the panel(and probably other parts too) is sourced from Samsung.
They made the speakers in collaboration with Dolby, which I think it's mostly tuning and and maybe placement on the device, so they could helped with the screen calibration etc. Anyway what I want to say is that the panel is on paper Dolby Vision capable, as it already supports HDR10+ and probably it's the same on the S10 family, except if they sell inferior panels to the competitors.
Also another thing I forgot to mention on the main text, I saw another comment in this post that reminded me about the IGZO-TFT which can make the screen more power efficient, faster(I don't know if they mean about response time, refresh rate or both), can make easier the process of creating higher resolution panels at a small size, some say that it makes the screen look even better, the IGZO-TFT panel being transparent etc. This tech is licensed by Samsung and Sharp, so with this Samsung can make the under the screen camera without the TFT panel causing any problems and at the end we will have an even better panel. So as it is Samsung that makes the panels(RAM, storage etc.) for other companies, I'm sure others brands can have this as well!

Price increase and nothing new, Oneplus is shit now. Just social climber people use that. Flagship killer now is mi 9, lenovo z6 pro, meizu 16s, honor 20, nubia red magic 3, vivo iqoo

  • Anonymous

best phone of 2019 !

gto, 15 May 2019Let me guess, NO Chinese manufactures are planning running Andro... moreAndroid Q beta on the way for Xiaomi, and also the upcoming Redmi flagship is rumored to be offering the same beta testing­_855_flagship_will_launch_with_android_q_beta_su­pport-news-37004.php

Pretty much all their 2018 phones for the international market is likely to get Android Q. Only somethimes are hyper budget models (below 100 EUR) skipped, though also not typically internationally available.

Seeing as this is a oneplus article, let's look at OnePlus 5 which launced on android 7 and is now running android 9. So they do also indeed update their phones.

If you want example of bad support, look to LG. It's K10, K11 Plus and K30 models launced on android 7 in 2018 and stayed there. They're priced in the same ranges as chinese phones that did get their updates. Their Q9 and G7 Fit are still in Oreo, and no word on Pie for the G7 Fit at all. V20 is getting pie in q3, so only a year late.

  • gto

Let me guess, NO Chinese manufactures are planning running Android q mainland users are stuck with Frankstein kernels and freaky buggy UI

I wouldn't buy this phone for any money, waaay too huge at over 200 grams, too wide and too tall. My max width is 75 mm but I prefer 73-74. Max weight 185 but prefer lighter. It's getting so ridiculous that every year we are seeing small tablet sized phones. Next year this phone will be 7 inches and 250 grams. That's a tablet. I want to carry my phone in my shirt pocket without the phone falling out or ruining my shirt because of its weight. Other recent flagships like the ZTE Axon 10 Pro or the Lenovo Z6 Pro are a much more reasonable size. I'm not that fussy about the latest specs. I like value for money, hence my current phone is the Xiaomi Pocophone F1. It's a bit wide too but a great phone, has everything I want.

  • 123

I believe mate20pro is now around same even less priced (if you go smart online) and it's better phone allrounder

  • Kress

robdevil XI, 15 May 2019So....overpriced!"Flagship killer" in killer price. I agree with predecessors - no jack, no pay for ch.nese cr.p


Kress, 15 May 2019Add, no IP, no SD Card, no wireless charging and want 700 EUR fo... moreEvery single mobile company especially oppo and vivo ,they just keep launching new phones everyday but not concerned about the issue being face in previous phones ..since oneplus also the league of the same parental company ,we can't expect much. .

  • Kress

aknsreddy, 14 May 2019No 3.5mm jack no buy. Add, no IP, no SD Card, no wireless charging and want 700 EUR for a phone for fans to pay. Nope.