Samsung Pay reaches 14 million users in South Korea

14 May 2019
Steady growth and new records for Samsung's mobile payment service.

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Drak, 14 May 2019In europe dont work samsung pay.Yes.. It does..
Source: I live in a European country.

  • Alien

Levy, 14 May 2019It can't be deleted so chances are you don' even own a Samsung.I've replied to your comment with how you can uninstall it without root, but gsma considered it too dangerous and deleted my comment lmao

adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.package.example
adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.package.example

Replace com.package.example with the desired package.

  • Cash is King

i still like to use cash

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2019I would never use one of these services myself, but I think... moreActually its more secure. When use Apple pay, ur credit card number will not show on the receipt.

Its easier for a spy to loot ur trash, then to dig online for ur details. Besides, unless ur someone important. Theres nothing to lose.

  • Anonymous

I would never use one of these services myself, but I think Samsung are definitely more trustworthy than Google or Apple. Give my personal, payment, and shopping details to U.S. Gov? Jesus christ no.

  • Marvin

Anonymous, 14 May 2019Wow! People actually trust google so much so as to share th... moreSo if you don't trust Android and don't trust Apple what phone do you use? Don't tell me you trust Apple? Apple? What's wrong with you?

Like the google pay or G pay is not enough.
People really dont know where to put money.

  • Reason and logic

Anonymous, 14 May 2019Wow! People actually trust google so much so as to share th... moreThank god you have no idea what you're talking about. Android has a 75+% marketshare for several reasons -

1. Better features
2. Better value
3. Superior hardware
4. More customisable
5. More choice of handsets
6. Features like headphone jacks, SD card support, etc with some manufacturers

And more.

Android isn't as insecure as you think it is not is Apple as totally secure and pro consumer as you are deluded to believe. Some of us don't walk around with Tin foil hats listening to Alex Jones podcasts like you. We just enjoy technology and funnily enough don't get scammed, hacked or exploited every day .

  • Drak

In europe dont work samsung pay.

  • Levy

Alien , 14 May 2019Bloatware that was deleted from day one.. It can't be deleted so chances are you don' even own a Samsung.

Still unavailable in my country with no announces (meaning no support in next year too). Android Pay - available for 2 years already, Apple Pay - 1 year. I'm not sure I'll upgrade my Gear in the future to another Gear if this ignore will keep up. And any MST benefits I could have had in previous years with older terminals are now irrelevant because in several years that passed 99% of all terminals were upgraded to NFC supporting.

  • Anonymous

Wow! People actually trust google so much so as to share their card details through android?
That means they are also using their real personal details on their android devices. O.O

I am actually amazed! To me, android (and anything google) is just like a Yahoo! email address: would only use it for spam and with fake names and details.

People are actually trading their real personal details + private life and allowing themselves to be the subjects of full-time monitoring, just so they can get a couple hunder $$ cheaper devices? (compared to non-android devices)
Wow! I'm speechless...

As far as I know, people started moving away from google and thier products & services around 2015, and switching to alternative, more secure and more private solutions.

The world is a weird place right now, with people willing to trade their privacy for cheaper access to technology.

  • Anonymous

why are you guys want MST? NFC is the trend now, available all of the terminal.

  • Alien

Bloatware that was deleted from day one..

MST's the best and that's why they are unrivaled.
Unfortunately the bank support is still a bit weak. That's not their fault however

  • .alpha

LOL, I registered 2 accounts yesterdays here in the US to take advantage of a promotion they are running. The card I want to use don't support Samsung Pay so had to use another card

  • harcha

Service expanded to support smartwatches? They removed the MST from smartwatches!!!

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