Watch the OnePlus 7 event live here

14 May 2019
OnePlus has a new powerhouse of a phone ready for us and probably its first 5G phone too.

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  • Anonymous

KMB877, 14 May 2019No band 71?!T-Mobile sold it, so should be ok.

  • JMTM

the company is a complete joke at this point... so much for flagship killer.
you can get S10 / S10+ much cheaper with crappy trade-in in US / Canada
why would anyone get this crappy Chinese phone with no warranty support at this price?

  • KMB877

No band 71?!

  • Anonymous

Omeplus prices = Never settle. Allways rising :)))))

  • PiT

Peeps can't even afford the pricey 4G so think again

  • Anonymous

Price is 669$ for 6GB/128GB OnePlus 7 Pro

i like what im seeing. for me they did good so far. i really love what they're talking about cept for pure android experience since im more on the heavy side, but nevertheless this is a compelling offering thus far. huawei is already warned now too. their leica/huawei team better start doing and improving more, the competition is fast approaching in the cam department.

now i just gonna get me some these when they're available to try. oneplus is on my target list now. they better not disappoint on my first try since im more of "disappoint me on my first try and your off the list kind of guy". thats what apple and xioami has done to me so i dont prefer those two.

  • AnonD-804996

Garbage unreliable stream, constantly falling down even at crappy 480p. Yawn.

  • Anonymous

111 points for photos/ 86points for video

  • ValiR

Just a Vivo Apex idea with a Samsung design.

  • Anonymous

love how you all slate the phone and you neither have one etc and it hasn't even been released yet and if you don't like what it has to offer then move along to something that has what your looking for and stop wasting time on something that isn't actually going to impact your life in the slightest just cause it doesn't have what you would like doesn't mean it isn't what other people like so get a grip of yourself and go and rain on someone else parade

Horrible quality... Better to watch it on YouTube.

This will be interesting. The future of OnePlus literally depends on how well received this Pro will be

  • overpriced

Sorry, overpriced. Xiaomi has amazing flagships at a much lower price

  • Silk

Echoes of the future... Next year, in this same event, OnePlus phones will finally match and even surpass the prices of the iPhones of 2020. The culmination of a hard morph from be a "flagship killer" to the most overpriced, overhyped and overrated ones.

Wellcome to the "new" OnePlus. "Never Settle"