Sony ST25i Kumquat to be called Xperia U when it launches

23 January, 2012
This is according to Indonesia's government authority for certifying wireless gadgets.

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  • david sharma

beautifull mobile xperia u

  • Anonymous

Does this phone come in the tapioca series??

  • AnonD-44672

Great Sony...!!! Probably this is going to be my first Smartphone...!!! This Phone is great..!!! Features, UI, OS (Android 2.3.7... Upgradeable to Android 4), Screen, Price Is reasonable, Size Is handy, Camera (5MP), Processor, Internal memory is normal (4GB), Ram is good (512MB), Best feature is the "ILLUMINATION BAR" which changes colors.. Everything is just what everyone needs...
As Far As i am concerned it has only 1 drawback... : IT DOES NOT SUPPORT "MICRO SD" CARD... IT DOES NOT HAVE A MICRO SD CARD SLOT ONLY...!!!! That means U r stuck With That Limited 4GB of Internal Storage...!!! :'( :'( :'(

Can anyone please tell me how can i Upgrade my storage (if i can)...???
Anyone pLease ask SONY to Make the same Phone WITH A MICRO SD card Support (With the same price or a BIT higer)...!!!!!

  • Anonymous

it's different with xperia S, isn't it?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-30293, 24 Jan 2012Yep, 2010, and unfortunately, 2 years is exactly the amount of t... moreYou've hit the nail on the head - people remember a bad phone for much longer than they remember a good one. Sony made a lot is of mistakes with their early android lineup. Their early models suffered a lot for coming to market with an out of date version of android; the X10 lacked features compared to other flagship phones and the early mini was a little bit too mini to use comfortably. Sony have probably learned more from their mistakes than any other manufacturer and they are bringing some great phones to the market but sadly, their customers have also learned from Sony's mistakes as they won't touch them with a barge pole.

  • christoper56

yup Xperia U in indonesia

  • AnonD-30293

cheese and beef, 23 Jan 2012How many years ago was the x10 mess? 2010? 2 years ago, and that... moreYep, 2010, and unfortunately, 2 years is exactly the amount of time people here are bound to phone contracts

Virtually no one here where I am buy any phones without provider subsidy (phone prices get marked up here quite a lot), since, irregardless of the cost, they're always too expensive for the working class here, and a lot of people ended up with the x10, especially when its value dropped to 0 on a monthly 12GB data contract

In a desperate bid to clear off the x10, lots of the sales oriented people here still push the x10 well slightly past the middle of 2011, and the GB update didn't help much as it slowed down the x10 and both the x10 minis are stuck on eclair

Given the average consumer mentality, they'd easily rather blame Sony for the x10 family rather than themselves for making an uninformed decision, and never trust Sony ever again due to that single facet.

Being situated directly at Sony Ericsson concept store fronts for the past half a year, this has been the consensus I came up with

That said, the Neo V is one of the models I tend to recommend a lot, since its sufficiently snappy, is neither too big nor too small, is capable of online video chatting, is comfortably contoured and nice to hold, is capable of HDMI mirroring and can support 64GB microSDXC cards (though those are expensive). TrackID has been more than useful in a couple of occasions as well.

There's nothing that little tyke does badly as a phone, and it comes at 0 after contract subsidy as well over here, so it's kinda a hard model to overlook =)

  • james tristan

I have a cellphone store for a long time,and use a lot of phone I love Sony's at present becuz there innovative in there design look at the arc neo and ray does are beautiful drop dead gorgeous,while most of the phone base their. looks at iPhone,xperia is different its slick and sexy,the hardware is not as strong as galaxy s2 or other dual core,but it's still great and can handle everything,the new xperia s is better over all,but I wish if not this Dec or early next year 2013, I hope 3d and tv tuner and better gpu like the sgx6400 so we could play ps3 like or better games and then I will say now this is THE PHONE,,,Sony till then

  • why?

Is this naming system means something, like in samsung there's galaxy S for their high end line, W for mid range, and Y for youth? I don't like the way Sony did with this naming system, wether with just 1 letter or number or even mixed it like other brands, better like 'old times' SE's naming system like arc, neo, play, active, or live..

  • bummy

nurse eli, 23 Jan 2012there naming system won't work. there will only be 26 phones be... morexs2, xu2. xs3, xu3.

  • cheese and beef

AnonD-30293, 23 Jan 2012He knows what he's talking about. A lot of folks who come to ... moreHow many years ago was the x10 mess? 2010? 2 years ago, and thats a long time in this technological race. SE / Sony have came leaps and bounds since then, i have the xperia neo v and that is one great little handset! If the x10 was originally like that, it would of been a hit! Good luck Sony I do hope you change things for the better!!

  • AnonD-30293

xyz, 23 Jan 2012That is odd, you are still talking about x10? Do you know arc/ar... moreHe knows what he's talking about.

A lot of folks who come to us wonder about the Xperia Mini/Mini Pro and the Xperia x10 Mini/Mini Pro and get them mixed.

There are more than a few folks over where I am who have been left with a bitter aftertaste that was the failure that was the x10 series, and have decided to never trust the Sony brand name again despite us being as helpful as we can.

  • AnonD-30293

FYI folks -

The transparent antennae = officially coined the 'Floating Prism'.

  • xyz

Henrik Karlsen, 23 Jan 2012They should drop the Xperia-branding, to really start over. It's... moreThat is odd, you are still talking about x10? Do you know arc/arc s from last year?

  • nurse eli

there naming system won't work. there will only be 26 phones because there is only 26 letters in the alphabet!

  • AnonD-4237

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2012does it have secondary camera?Sure it has a 1.3 MP HD frontal camera!

  • Anonymous

does it have secondary camera?

  • Henrik Karlsen

They should drop the Xperia-branding, to really start over. It's tainted from the X10-lineup (a lot of faulty units, requiring service). As a salesman in Norway I meet a lot of costumers that's put off from the Xperiabrand due to these rumours. For instance was the Xperia Mini Pro mistaken as the X10 Mini Pro, and Sony Ericsson has struggled with that misconception from day one.

  • Alex

This smart looks great! I just love the simple design and that awesome transparent antena.

  • AnonD-21645

My biggest concern with this, is, basically it's a smaller version of the 'S'...

Now some might say "that's great! just what I want" - but for the people who fork out on the S - to have a phone that looks identical to the model below it - I'd be concerned...

Why use the same, exact form factor? Maybe for the smaller version, get rid of the glowing clear strip...

It doesn't differentiate models enough - and this was HTC's biggest problem (which caused severe losses) - every phone looking too much the same... You couldn't differentiate a Desire from an Evolution or a Sensation - no clear 'flagship' design...

Let's hope the Sony 'Mint' or 'Hayabusa' have different designs... I'm itching to move to a different manufacture, but Sony are just falling short at the moment (Xperia S = no expandable memory, etc.) I suspect at least one of those will be more or less identical to the Ion - if not the same...


Here's hoping for some surprise at the MWC!