Redmi K20 AnTuTu score revealed, leaves competition in the dust

16 May 2019
The “Demon King” will offer top-notch performance.

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I like how they showed us 450k score but in reality is not even close to 400k

  • Sunil mondol sanju

I am mi fans. Love you mi

  • Brand promoter mi ba

Love you mi

  • Anonymous

Other SD855 phones play around 350k and this phone having 450k Antutu score? Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells.

  • Anonymous

The vtec kicked in

How can they go from 350k to 450k with same chip

Has it got a fan stuck to it

  • Anonymous

I feel like its just a cheat. Antutu is owned by xiomi which should explain them getting better scores than every device on there.

The real benchmark now is speedtest g

it's UFS 2.1 so how is this score even possible on SD855?
a new chipset or cheating?

  • Anonymous

Nokiax, 16 May 2019First unlock bootloader.. How?? You can visit MIUI... moreYou can flash a global stable or dev ROM via fastboot, no need for unlocking the bootloader.

Anonymous, 17 May 2019400K antutu?? is that really necessary for daily use of phones?Yes, necessary, unfortunately.
If you've seen(or read) IT and mobile related article, many(I'd like to say 'all' though) people praised about iPhone's fastness. That's why ordinary people thinking iPhone is the best in the world. And happy to pay that much money and bankrupt in real life.

  • obvious

DustinDust75, 16 May 2019This phone will almost definitely not be able to be used on... moreit wont be under 300 $ 400 to 500 is gonabe the price

if it can't upscale Gran Turismo 4 on the DamonPS2 emulator to 1080p I don't consider it to be fast.

  • Xiao

120 Comments, You guys are nervous af.

cant be sure with the score since Antutu is owned by Xiaomi

If this is going to be the successor to Poco F1, Hope we won't have any issue in touch responses unlike the Poco F1.

  • Anonymous

GPU overclocking isn't it?

  • Anonymous

Buy Redmi, make China rich :P
Just wait for the official launch and get a feel of it when you buy instead of ranting like little kids, it can be cheap and take out small things like nfc and such. Have a life besides look at new phones, compare and rant all day.

Anonymous, 17 May 2019400K antutu?? is that really necessary for daily use of phones?Certainly no, but a lot of people are bragging about it. In practice, anything above 100K is enough for smooth daily experience including some light mid gaming.

  • NotMiFans

I love how some people still denial that Redmi devices is good.

  • lo

realitychecker, 16 May 2019." why to shell more in the name of flagship when you can g... moreeven one plus doesnt have all flagship feature. :D. No ip rating

  • Anonymous

All those specs, ok... What Im eager to know is that will this camera setup have an OIS or not lol