Honor 20 Pro sample photos reveal first F/1.4 camera, show off Super night mode

16 May 2019
The shots do look impressive.

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Anonymous, 16 May 2019Every phone has water painting effect if you zooming in,duh... moreNot to THIS extent. Also, my former Huawei P9 produced brilliant .raw files. Which was... before these artificial pic-sy trends.

    YUKI93, 19 May 2019oh my god, you are so f**king right! what's with that paint... moreThat's their way of removing image noise and pulling out the details via some computational algorhytms or "AI". They can't produce a fine image because physics (low light, small sensor etc), but they will recalculate a horrible image (quality-wise) into something artificial that is more appealing to a general customer - i.e. no noise, colorful picture, sharp lines, smooth surfaces.
    Huawei P30 is already doing the same to achieve those "super great no-light results". I saw a guy making test shots at 6400, 12800, 25600... 409600 ISO. Image quality was piss poor at 6400 iso (i guess this is the point where they don't swtch to fully computational photography yet), but it became BETTER as ISO was going up which is not possible in an honest way.
    Most people are fine with fancy-looking pictures, who needs actual photography as in "making images by recording light".

      YUKI93, 19 May 2019Pixel peep is where we can see the true quality of a photo.... morebut again not everyone does that, so its doesnt really matter for most ppl. photo preference is subjective for the most part anyways.

      note i said "most ppl", so for anyone out there thats going to react badly about what i said. please have the time to reflect first of what is said "most ppl". im not the kind of kid here that generalizes everything, thats a bad attitude tbh.

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        • 19 May 2019

        Anonymous, 18 May 2019horrible opinion lolYes, horrible opinion for horrible low light performance. An F/1.4 lens in a smartphone is a first. This very wide aperture is supposed to enable lower ISO's which are expected to improve overall fine detail. Turns out, it's not the case with the Honor 20 Pro's photo capture. It's a blotchy water color mess possibly due to low quality in phone post-processing. Anyone can see it and it doesn't take a genius to see it's horrible for a phone that's supposed to be able to capture low light photos at lower ISO's.


          kryaags, 16 May 2019nothing impressive.. water paint effect if you look closely... moreI do agree with you about Nokia 808. Right now, only three smartphone in the world have the largest sensor, and they are all below 2015. I mean, the Nokia 808 (1/1.2") is 2012, the Nokia Lumia 1020 (1/1.5") is 2013 and Panasonic Lumix CM1 (1") is 2014.

            Anonymous, 16 May 2019Every phone has water painting effect if you zooming in,duh... more"Every phone has water painting effect if you zooming in,duh it's a 12MP ffs"

            Best of luck saying that to Google Pixel.

              geordie81, 16 May 2019as snapshots they look very nice indeed, but zoom in and th... moreCamera sensor size could be one of the cause.

                CompactPhones5ever, 16 May 2019All the people complaining the details are poor when 500% z... moreCome on, even for a Nokia/Microsoft Lumia PureView advocate like me, the Google Pixel 3/3 XL Night Sight photo can still retain its quality, even if it's zoomed to the max.

                  realitychecker, 16 May 2019apparently that guy loves to pixel peep which is not true f... morePixel peep is where we can see the true quality of a photo. Everyone can say the same with the photo captured from their phone if they didn't pixel peep. Call me weird, but I definitely LOVE to pixel peep.

                    LazyLancer, 16 May 2019https://cdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/19/05/honor-20-pro-sa... moreoh my god, you are so f**king right! what's with that painting like photo, ffs?! -_-

                      CompactPhones5ever, 17 May 2019It's not a conspiracy, it's capitalism. You go all out with... moreExactly, all Android phones right now just looks and feels the same. For instance, Huawei may give us SuperZoom and RYYB for P30 Pro, but it still cannot clinch the old master of Nokia 808 and Nokia Lumia 1020. The only reason you want that Huawei is long zoom capability and night mode shot, that's all.

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                        • 19 May 2019

                        omg super unnatural but well that's what people wants we cannot please people with close mind set

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                          • 18 May 2019

                          Anonymous, 18 May 2019I was expecting something better with the first F/1.4 camer... morehorrible opinion lol

                            Anonymous, 16 May 2019Dear gsmarena.com The night picture and the mountain pic... moreThe 3 pictures have watermarks for Honor 20 PRO Leica cameras, haven't they?

                              yogivansh, 16 May 2019in the name of technological advancements what companies ar... moreAnyone of them forcing the users to buy their phones? The choice and decision will still be on us and not those businesses. Ever wondering why Sony or even Samsung or Apple are changing their designs?

                                Jake, 16 May 2019Watching the leaks, it doesn't have audio jack... sadly. An... moreOne reliable tech source in Malaysia leaked otherwise, showing with audio jacks for both variants and lower launching prices than last year's Honor 10 series. Honestly, I'm quite ecstatic for next week's launch because of the price vs specifications leaked which maybe part of its local marketing strategy.

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                                  • 18 May 2019

                                  I was expecting something better with the first F/1.4 camera in a smartphone. Unfortunately, too much low quality processing that make the photos look more like watercolor paintings. Spend more and get the Mate 20 or P30 if you want a Huawei branded phone. Those take vastly better photos than this Huawei Honor 20 phone. If you can't afford the Huawei Mate 20 or P30, get a Xiaomi Pocophone F1, sideload Google Camera with Night Sight for the Pocophone, and you'll get vastly better portrait and low light /night shots.

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                                    • 17 May 2019

                                    One of them is taken in Portugal in Azenhas do Mar

                                      Anonymous, 16 May 2019Yes, it's all a massive conspiracy. /facepalmIt's not a conspiracy, it's capitalism. You go all out with your first product, you have nothing to sell next year. We're reaching the point with smartphones where new generations bring basically nothing new. Check video by Dave Lee on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otHviixLykI

                                      It would be naive to think that manufacturers don't know that and aren't planning their product based on it.

                                        IpsDisplay, 16 May 2019That's good news , I'm going to buy a Elephone A4(84dollars... moreGo ahead, make sure your cheap phone has manual mode , and can shoot longer than 10s.
                                        I suggest you to buy Manfrotto :D