SanDisk Extreme 1TB microSD card now available for $450

16 May 2019
There's an Extreme Pro version with higher sequential speeds.

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  • 21 May 2019

100 bucks more everywhere else than the US?
No thanks..

    Microsoft did say that eventhough the Lumia 950/950 XL (which I happened to use one right now) only supports microSD card up to 256GB, it can actually theoretically go up all the way to 2TB external storage.

    Might give this card a try some day.

      ihrehaan, 18 May 2019check the specs on GSMArena itself
      up to 512gb ;) Samsung official website man

        GumuGumuNoMi, 16 May 2019Nope, up to 512 gb only.check the specs on GSMArena itself

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          • 18 May 2019

          Samath N8 808 owner, 17 May 2019Exactly, it should support SDXC, that's it. My $100 Redmi ... moreThis is exactly one of the main reasons why micro sd storage expansion is so important in a phone's long term use, viability and longevity. Internal storage-only phones have only one goal - to make you SPEND MORE on higher storage options even if you DON'T NEED them now, because of fear you might run in into storage problems in the future.

          With expandable micro sd storage, you can only buy the internal storage you need now and then UPGRADE your micro sd card capacity as your storage needs increase. And micro sd storage keeps on increasing capacities but are getting cheaper year after year!

          Excess, unused internal storage in fixed capacity internal storage-only phones are WASTED investment as soon as you upgrade to a new phone or as soon as your storage needs increase BEYOND the phone's internal storage capacity. That's PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE and GREED right there and then from phone manufacturers more than anything else! Nice strategy! No micro sd slots to convince you to spend more on higher internal storage options you don't need now, or if you do buy a smaller storage option, you will risk likely filling it up faster and upgrading more frequently due to limited storage and zero expansion. Either way, these greedy manufacturers make money. And we're not talking about promoting their cloud services yet as an 'option' if you run out of storage. Very clever indeed!

          These manufacturers claim 'micro sd storage' are not fast enough, slow down the phone experience, is riddled with problematic low quality fake cards, run into app or phone compatibility problems, blah, blah, blah. Partly true, but largely bloated and exaggerated! Maybe for those with little experience on the 'quirkiness' of micro sd storage expansion, those with limited knowledge on micro sd card speeds and those not aware of the rampant, widespread existence of fake micro sd cards with fake rated capacities that cause phone problems. Sure these can affect a phone manufacturer's reputation if the user is so naive enough that it's not the phone, but the fake low speed, fake capacity micro sd card being used that is causing the phone to lag like hell and causing the stored files to get corrupted. But seriously? For most users? It's more about manufacturers' greed and planned obsolescence rather than manufacturers' reputation at stake and its goal of providing first class phone experience. What's wrong with including micro sd slot in the phone and letting the user decide (depending on the user's experience level) if micro sd storage is really worth it and if it really does create phone problems for the user? Adding it as an option doesn't cost much at all, and hybrid slots can be made if space is really a limitation. That's why micro sd slots are found on the cheapest of phones! Why DENY the user the micro sd storage expansion OPTION? The user can always opt NOT to use it for now or to use it as needs and level of experience change or even not to use it at all (if storage needs never changed/increased for the user). The important thing is FLEXIBILITY and UPGRADABILITY of the devices' storage: An OPTION given to the user and not DEPRIVING the user of that option. It is NOT for the phone manufacturer to DECIDE. If they do decide you don't need one and then cripple their phones by not adding micro sd storage expansion, you can be 100% sure it's primarily about GREED and PROFIT more than giving the user a seamless, first class phone experience.

          That's the reason why there needs to be WORLDWIDE regulation against PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE. First, it was removable batteries, then the removal of the headphone jack and micro sd storage expansion. Then there's poor or zero software updates or software updates that slow down a phone and make it a laggy, stuttery, messy experience (iPhones) , making the phone's battery drain faster after the upgrade, (many top Android manufacturers) and lately, engineered updates that DISABLE fast charging and shift to regular slow computer usb charging (0.500A) for no apparent reason at all and which does not immediately happen after the update but will happen after some time to make it less obvious.

            Anonymous, 17 May 2019Because larger cards didn't exist at the time, and couldn't... moreExactly, it should support SDXC, that's it.
            My $100 Redmi 2 Prime was claimed to run max with 32 GB Card...

            Now... I've slowly exceeded that limit... with first a 64GB card (!)... and then a 128GB one (!!)
            Running smoothly, no problems.

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              • 17 May 2019

              GumuGumuNoMi, 16 May 2019The S10 can only support micro sd card up to 512 gb.Because larger cards didn't exist at the time, and couldn't be tested. Until someone tries one it we can't be sure.

                Jason, 17 May 2019Whats the point of a hard drive now? Manufacturers can just... moreAs additional storage they might as well slip this in, BUT not as the main storage memory in which Operating System is stored, because the random read and write is terrible here.

                Plus, we already have SSD's which are like bigger memory cards with much faster speeds.

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                  • 17 May 2019

                  Whats the point of a hard drive now? Manufacturers can just slip this in.


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                      • 17 May 2019

                      Shadocx, 17 May 2019128 GB isn't enough for everybody. And when changing phones... moreThere are UHS-II SD cards from SanDisk:
                      It's rather small but very, very fast.
                      Personality I think I'll be getting the 400GB or 512GB UHS-I type.

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                        • 17 May 2019

                        Anonymous, 16 May 2019Kingston much cheaper. San disk overrated SanDisk is much better. Worth to buy.

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                          • 17 May 2019

                          GumuGumuNoMi, 16 May 2019Nope, up to 512 gb only.S10 Plus already has 1TB version.

                            Anonymous, 17 May 2019Yeah it’s useless since flagship this days comes with 128GB... more128 GB isn't enough for everybody. And when changing phones I copy the data from my old phones, so even if it's a brand new phone, when I'm done copying everything, the storage is already full, I need a 256 GB phone or a 128 GB phone with microSD slot, i know MicroSD cards are slower, but I just store music and pictures on it.
                            I wonder why UFS cards aren't out...

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                              • 17 May 2019

                              Anonymous, 17 May 2019Yeah it’s useless since flagship this days comes with 128GB... moreNot all people require huge storage but hey, it's pretty stupid to think many others don't and it's even more stupid to call micro sd cards useless and obsolete. Only sourgraping phone owners who bought huge internal storage-only phones without micro sd card slots will criticize micro sd storage as worthless because they feel guilty to have WASTED so much money on huge internal storage that cannot be transferred to another phone should the phone die or get upgraded. It's like a MacBook laptop with non-removable, non-upgradeable storage that cannot be adapted to the user's ever increasing storage needs. Want more storage? Buy a new laptop!

                              If your little mind cannot comprehend why huge external storage cards are selling like hot cakes, then read on. These huge storage cards are for media and personal files more often than not: in particular, full HD and 4K movies, 4K videos and high megapixel photos captured by the phone, full offline encyclopedias (Wikipedia offline Zim files) with photos, high quality uncompressed flac music, RAW/DNG files captured by the phone's cameras, office files, and other work files and personal files people previously stored in their external hard drives, thumb drives, laptops and desktops but are now carrying on their phones for 100% availability, portability and accessibility 24/7, no data needed. For these users, the huge storage experience is liberating. You can download all seasons of all movies in the Netflix series that you are watching while connected to home WiFi, then watch them on the go, or mirror them to a large screen tv for sharing with other viewers while on hotels or other places during travels, vacations, parties, etc., either for viewing alone or viewing with your colleagues/friends. No point wasting money on monthly cloud subscriptions and wasting money on mobile data just to do research when you've got an offline encyclopedia on your micro sd storage. Mobile data will then be better spent on social media, shopping and current news/events - not wasted backing up 48 megapixel photos and 4K videos to the cloud because the phone doesn't have enough storage and you want 100% availability anytime you need them, in full, high quality resolution - not the compressed half baked resolution that the cloud offers, compressing and downgrading your uploads.

                              No more, "Oh, I forgot to bring my thumb drive, laptop, external portable hard drive, etc. The needed file, photo, video, music, or work file was saved there. Left it at home. Sorry." or,

                              "Oh my, mobile data/wifi speeds suck here" retrieving my video files from the cloud will take time, please be patient", or

                              "Oh my, I dropped my phone and it's dead. All my 256GB, 512 gb or 1TB of internal storage cannot be retrieved anymore or at least the expensive storage be recovered and salvaged for re-use in a new phone. "

                              To sum up, micro sd cards are waaay much cheaper than internal storage, have 10 year warranties and are transferrable and reusable! You can't say the same for internal storage in phones no matter how huge and expensive they are. So there, digest that before saying nobody needs more than 64/128 GB.

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                                • 17 May 2019

                                Shadocx, 17 May 2019Useless? like your comment.Yeah it’s useless since flagship this days comes with 128GB storage in board. It’s about time and SD card going to die due to the faster internal storage that increase with upcoming android flagship.

                                  Anonymous, 16 May 2019Useless SD card still around.Useless? like your comment.

                                    Peter-B, 16 May 2019I wouldn't risk it with those cards - they typically have a... moreWhat do you mean by, they have a small real capacity?

                                      Anonymous, 16 May 2019Kingston much cheaper. San disk overrated Yeah, cheaper and corrupt more often.

                                        GumuGumuNoMi, 16 May 2019Nope, up to 512 gb only.Every phone that supports 512 GB MicroSDXC supports 1TB as well.