Asus Zenfone 6 is official: Snapdragon 855, rotating 48MP camera, 5,000mAh battery

16 May 2019
Asus was careful with the compromises it made to build what some will consider a dream phone.

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Would be perfect but no amoled is a deal breaker, any flagship these days must have amoled

ishreal, 16 May 2019I still don't understand why anyone needs a microsd slot in... moreIt's about having more features than others. For example tbe headphone jack is important for me, as well as a 4k display on a phone and msd slot.
You can go with less features yes, but you pay for double the price to get less features.

  • Truth

CptPower, 20 May 2019Only big battery is necessary other are waste of cash. In... moreLook at all the idiot types who don't understand what microSD card slots are for. If you think only 64GB is enough, then you are a low level user. Go buy a Qualcomm SD 400 series entry level phone then.

You can get 200GB++ of high speed micro-SD storage for US$25 or less. But idiots like to pay US$30 to US$40 for 64GB of internal flash memory. That's a 5 times difference per GB.

Also the idiots who think wireless audio is everything don't know that wired headphones/earphones have the best quality. These cheapos only know how to use cheap Bluetooth earphones. They don't know what high res audio - they don't even have Shure earphones. I also use external condenser mic for audio recording, selfie sticks with trigger and iBlazr type external LED flash... all connected via the 3.5mm audio jack!

Keep quiet if you don't understand basic facts.

Abhi Dahiya, 16 May 2019Fine. But there are some drawbacks as compared to OnePlus 7... moreOnly big battery is necessary other are waste of cash.
In phnes with 64GB or more disk space SD card is useless.
Same goes for jack if battery is big.
Wireless audio is nowdays better than being wired like a Xmas tree.

Todolist, 16 May 2019This is it! A true flagship killer. *No notch_check *Top ... moreNo is not is average copy of a Samsung *A80 with only one difference.
Samsung is awfull on updates but compared to Asus they at least give some.

Anonymous, 16 May 2019Also known as "Get Re*t OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro" :D 3.5mm jack =... moreNice phone apart from jack and SD slot.
Jack is useless nowdays wireless is future.
And SD slot is also usekless there is enough disk space for everything no need to add extra costs for SD sllot.
By the way nice copy of A80 by Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Of all the Snapdragon 855 based phones out there, this is the one I like the most because it has almost no bloatware.

  • Carol

Great value for the money, the only question is, are the pieces of good quality or not? At this price, their has to be a trick somewhere

An all-screen, notchless SD855 phone with 5,000mAh battery, 3.5mm headphone jack and microSD card slot, all for 500 EUR? Sounds like a great deal there.

  • compact too

Blutbad-fuchsbau, 18 May 2019This is the perfect flagship phone for this year! The specs... moreGood phone, whish it would have compact bro too!

Hi everyone!
Hope you are all having a nice day.
I can't wait to read the GSM Arena review of the ASUS Zenfone 6.

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Although I like OnePlus more, but I truly wish zenfone 6 would beat OnePlus 7 pro in sales for two reasons : value and 3.5mm headphone are in Asus favor.

This is the perfect flagship phone for this year! The specs are fantastic, and the screen size is quite good too. For those complaining about the chin, get over it... I prefer bezels on the side and a small chin, or else it's difficult to hold the phone with one finger touching the display every now and then. Those guys who want smaller size, go for the S10e.

Now, where are all the devs! We need you guys for modding this phone for years to come(Until a proper 5G phone arrives, and 5G speeds are in the gigabit range(2Gbps or more))

  • Anonymous

Good price for the spec.. camera for both sides smart idea but imo pop up better than rotate set up.. not a good design and very few color choice.

  • Anonymous

That’s a phenomenal solution. My favorite solution to selfie camera placement by far.

  • efty

Genius camera setup. Love that

  • Anonymous

Pakalini, 17 May 2019Still has a chin, no OLED, tho that rotating camera is perf... moreHaving gone from an Essential PH-1 to an iPhone X, IMO a chin is desirable from a usability standpoint - reaching the bottom corner of an all-screen display is awkward and unstable one-handed. Also, I'm kind of paranoid of OLED since my GS7 had visible degradation within 2 years. With the Essential's LCD it was never a concern.

Hmmmm if i needed a new phone, i really had bought this one.
Really so MUCH value for rhe money here... As always with Asus.

Still has a chin, no OLED, tho that rotating camera is perfect imho, also has 3.5mm audio jack. ASUS almost killed it. They should release more expensive version with truly no bezels and oled add stereo speakers and make sure DAC is better than Meizu and LG v30.

  • Umm

Oflife, 17 May 2019Almost. That chin is distracting. No fan of the iPhone X no... moresomething is seriously wrong with you..... I'll take a tiny chin vs notch anyday.