Huawei Mate 20 X (5G) is official, arrives in the UK in June for £999

16 May 2019
The 5G version of the Mate 20 X was finally announced by the Chinese company today.

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  • Anonymous

In india watching for big screen phone like meat 20x when those phone coming in india

  • willcee

OMG!!! WOW!!!looks like Huawei throw everything here including the kitchen sink and the entire garage!!!! plus using their very own system! no wonder Trump and his cohorts are extremely mad ! LOL, u.s. is soo miless away from the future! Keep going ASIA, now is your time, the future is yours !!!!!!

When the 5G will be available to the at least 33% of the world this phone gets old very old.
There are gazillions of countries where they dont have even a 3G network.

  • Avishek

what about Mate 30 Pro ? Have someone heared about it .
Peoples says it has Persicope with 5G .

  • WhySoSeri0us

Lol way to much, better buy the non 5g way less and bigger battery.

  • The truth

predator, 17 May 2019Almost £1000 for what?for an phone and a network whic... moreHere here!

  • predator

Almost £1000 for what?for an phone and a network which its not stable yet?this world goes in wrong direction, bloody hell, i dont even have signal for 4g everywhere, and we talk about 5g.i am with 3 and vodafone, and also my wife has O2, and we dont have full signal in our house, which its in a town, and we talk about 5g.mama mia!!!!

  • Cshurunghuzun

Anonymous, 17 May 2019Wow, 5G. I'd better hurry up and sell my only left kidney t... moreLoooooooooolz......😂Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  • Anonymous

For that price, Samsung would be a better choice

  • Bewildered

Chrove, 17 May 2019I would love to believe that they are capable of such feat ... moreIn the related article 1 Gbps speed was achieved on Verizon

Except for "fashionable" many are holding onto phones longer 2019 5G phone now, 2022 , 2022 specs, faster 5G both downloading and uploading

These are the minimum speeds
Download Speeds
3G Network 384Kbps
4G Network 100Mbps
5G Network 1-10Gbps or higher

The person obtained the actual minimum to qualify
What you have to take into account even now a vast majority have not witnessed 5G speeds

The choice is this similar to the 4G roll out, do I buy another 3G phone or a 4G capable handset.
Many especially in South Korea 250,000 per Gsmarena article have opted for a 5G handset, what they are doing is future proofing this purchase, you are buying a 2019 5G capable 4G handset , 2020 5G releases will have better specs.

Any / all 4G handsets cannot be upgraded to be 5G, I don't know the optimal speed the Snapdragon 845 can achieve it may exceed the 1 Gbps minimum 5G speed (which is 128 Mbps but you can be sure that networks won't increase 4G LTE speed it offers as this challenges their own 5G service )

Your 2.7 Gbps equates to 345.6 Mbps
This option is not available to Apple iPhone who won't get a 5G iphone until 2020 so 16 months away and despite Apple benchmark setting records, internet speed won't match

Many are deciding 5G handset is my next phone, 5G should be viewed like a software upgradeable, 5G or the features are not available now but will be

It is early days but transmission speeds are up to the network, this requires having a 5G handset Usain Bolt got faster, world records were not set on day one.

The choice people are making 5G now

this is the best big phone in my opinion. Great Screen and battery life

DrakeX, 17 May 2019Ummm 5G has already launched in South Korea, US and China s... moreI would love to believe that they are capable of such feat too. The 5G speed some articles mentioned reaches 2.7 Gbps, which is still--again, according to some articles such as this one:

...which is still in reach of Qualcomm's LTE modems.

There's an article on Nikkei that SK's Telco would raise the speed from 2.7 Gbps in 2019 to 7.2 Gbps in 2020:

Which coincides with the year of 3GPP's Release 16 finalization date. I would love to believe that this is a strawman, but the "increase" in "current 5G"'s speed actually matches the capability of *existing* modems--which facilitates LTE.

  • Anonymous

Wow, 5G. I'd better hurry up and sell my only left kidney to get a 5G smartphone. I would not be able to pee anymore buy I will walk proudly among the rest with my new smartphone.

Chrove, 17 May 2019James is right, most of today's 5G isn't even the standariz... moreUmmm 5G has already launched in South Korea, US and China since a month ago. Not sure about Japan's status on 5G. It may not be mainstream but it exists.

However, how I see regarding the release of 5G phones, they just upgraded the modem, that's pretty much it and that really isn't worth the premium price tag. What will benefit heavily from 5G is the IoT devices but for phones? Nah. Unless you have an unlimited plan, download HUGE files in a matter of seconds and stream 4K Blu-ray on a phone, the real-world uses aren't dramatically different from 4G.

Chrove, 17 May 2019James is right, most of today's 5G isn't even the standariz... moreAnd I saw the "IRL" "5G" speeds. Here's an excerpt from a Nikkei report on Korea's 5G
"Other users may be waiting for the technology to mature. A quick test inside the store confirmed that 5G is, as advertised, faster than its 4G predecessor -- about four times faster. Using an app to measure network speeds -- and measuring three times -- a Galaxy S10 5G came in at 193 megabits per second, while a 2018 Galaxy S9 using 4G clocked in at 47 megabits per second."

And here in Canada, I just right now proceeded to a speed test on my Note9. I got 196.1Mbps. Do I have 5G?! Absolutely not. And I'm not even using the fastest network available with 5-CA. My carrier only has LTE Category 6 (3-CA). What's the deal with this mess?!

You heard of ATT's "5G E" right? Guess what, ATT is the most honest company here because it doesn't call fake 5G real 5G. Phones may very well include true "5G" modems (compliant with phase 1 standard which isn't full 5G) but the networks are merely upgraded to proper LTE-A

ProJames-CHM, 17 May 2019Quit it with partial 5G phones!!! moreJames is right, most of today's 5G isn't even the standarized 5G. I think this is a move to direct money towards Telco Industry.

Some patents even describe Super 4G LTE, LTE Plus, and other terms that is NOT yet 5G, but boasts higher speed than the standard 4G. Meaning that the 5G given to the consumers now are probably these higher speed LTEs with 5G plastered all over it.

Doesn't mean that these phones aren't capable of 5G, perhaps their modem is capable of 5G, but the infrastructure for 5G communications has yet to be established.

So.......when is 5G supposed to be launch in the United States?

Quit it with partial 5G phones!!!

"Release 16 is a major release for the project, not least because it will bring our IMT-2020 submission for an initial full 3GPP 5G system to its completion. [...] 3GPP Release 16 should be finalised by March 2020."

Basically there's no real full 5G now because it wasn't standardized yet. So every 5G thing today isn't 5G.