Verizon's Galaxy S10 5G is available now, Sprint's LG V50 ThinQ 5G goes on pre-order

17 May 2019
Sprint is also offering the HTC 5G Hub, allowing you to connect non-5G devices via Wi-Fi.

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Grats 1400 bucks for useless phone which is reliable maybe in South Korea and China wher the 5G already exist.
For the rest of the wold 4G phone is good enough.
When the 5G will be available to at least 33% of the world this phone gets pretty old.

chester, 17 May 2019S10 5G is the better optionV50 is the better option with dual screen

Psst.. Rip the galaxy folder lol

  • .alpha

My S10 5G won't be delivered until Tuesday. I hope it can operate on other network in 4G mode because it is a Verizon. Otherwise have to stay with S10+

  • Dometalican

Sprint's technically offering the LG V50 at like half the cost. Not too bad for the specs but I don't live in any of Sprint's 5G markets. Oh well.

lumipacatro, 17 May 2019samsung s10 5g 1300$ lg v50 5g 1150$S10 5G is the better option

  • lumipacatro

Anonymous, 17 May 20191300$????samsung s10 5g 1300$
lg v50 5g 1150$

  • Anonymous


Not real 5G, not real 5G...