Huawei P20 lite (2019) is shaping up to be a much bigger upgrade than initially leaked

17 May 2019
The source of the original info has come back with more accurate spec details.

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Anonymous, 20 May 2019It's probably the last update...Google/android will no long... moreAOSP updates don't require a Google license nor their support, so they could continue at a slightly delayed pace.

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Adul Al Salami Kebab, 18 May 2019I want smaller screen + bigger battery!!! O3O (yes this is ... moreNo it's not, a thicker battery would accomplish this in the same phone footprint.

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It's probably the last update...Google/android will no longer support Huawei....

Another day another Kirin 710. Keep them coming.

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4,000 mAh battery, is not huge.
Huge are the dimensioms of this phone and the price for what specs it has.

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Jun1250, 18 May 2019I'm glad to hear such a positive response, so thank you. Ma... moreI agree that for some the phone is much more important as they don't regularly use PC/laptop, so any connectivity features are very important.
I too use the phone extensively for work, but since I had a 24 inch monitor long before smartphones were a thing, I can't see myself gaming on anything with 6 - 7 inch.
As for wireless audio, good headsets are at a level where maybe only most diehard audiophiles will hear a difference (I'd do a blindtest on them to see if they actually do :)) ), but it would be best if you had the chance to hear the ones you wish to buy before you get them to see (hear) if they fit your needs.

Anonymous, 18 May 2019You are right to assume that yes, I do ignore features I do... moreI'm glad to hear such a positive response, so thank you. Maybe I'll try harder going wireless, starting with the sports type at least. They don't look or feel to different from wired, a rather important factor for change. Hopefully audio companies improve wireless audio even further price and quality-wise. As for microSD, I actually use only one on my daily driver. Just an old compact budget phone that serves for multiple purposes, which is why I needed the extra features. I like to use a secondary bigger phone for media and games

I also have a confession to make: My family only just bought a computer (2-in-1, not well known local brand) after about 4 years surviving without one. That pretty much explains why I treat my phones as my main go-to pieces of technology

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Jun1250, 18 May 2019I never said that the average person who doesn't need those... moreYou are right to assume that yes, I do ignore features I don't need, and probably most do.
But as a trend, I think wireless for headsets and lack of microSD is what will be the future.
I too hesitated before I bought my first BT headset, reading so many bad things about them on various forums, but after I bought the first, I would not give up on the freedom of movement while at office, or maybe at home, while cooking and so, all that listening music and not having to be careful about the wires. As for the microSD, there are some reasons for them being used less: most of devices today have more internal memory than people need; as for an opinion of a friend who has a phone repair shop, microSD is far less reliable than internal phone memory; while we are tech fans, for most, phone is just a tool for, you know, phone calls, messaging and FB and so on, they will not care for microSD, or 3.5mm jack for that matter, and I think manufacturers are well aware of that, and what no microSD and lack of 3.5mm jack means for them: less manufacturing cost, easier to manage phone internal space, easier to waterproof, maybe cooler design (most of women I know directly bought their phone based on looks, so ...)
So, I agree with you that is very unpleasant when things you used to appreciate are no longer available (I was upset when most of phones moved fingerpint on the back), but you also must be aware of the general trend, and the fact phone makers will care about what they can sell to millions, than what they can sell to maybe thousand, or tens of thousands

Anonymous, 18 May 2019Yes, but out of that 77% who have microSD slot in their pho... moreI never said that the average person who doesn't need those things go around turning people off... just the fanboys. Am perfectly aware that a lot of people are converting to wireless/cloud/USB OTG. In fact, I'm looking for a pair of wireless earphones myself, but have been struggling because of just how different they are to wired

This is what a minority experience too. They don't know, doubt or are just plain paranoid of trying something new when what worked with them before was already fine. It's a big change, and not an easy one. But again, only for a minority. We might be leaving the older solutions behind sooner than we expect

But, there's the other side of things where *see the first sentence* take it to the extreme, elitist level
It goes like this:
1. Features are taken away
2. People who need them get angry (me)
3. People who don't need them ignore (maybe you, sorry for assuming)
4. One guy (the show's main character) says "wireless/cloud/USB OTG is the only way and always will be"
5. More anger (me)
6. People who don't need them now annoyed, the situation's hard to ignore (you)
7. We live in a society (us)
8. ???
9. Profit

Overall, it's human nature. My view isn't the brightest come to think of it. Again, I really am trying to convert myself, but the solutions I've got are scarce. Might eventually give up earbuds in general. USB OTG still seems ok to me tho

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Jun1250, 18 May 2019122/157 (still 77%) Android phones actually, the rest have ... moreYes, but out of that 77% who have microSD slot in their phones, how many actually use them? For fun, I just asked on my WhatsApp workgroup, and out of 21 people, 22 me included, none has microSD in their phones. 5 of them have mono BT headsets for calls, 3 of them have stereo BT headphones, and 2 have wired headphones, those included in the phone package. While we might not be the tipical user, still there are much more than 23% which do not use these features even if they have them. As for BT headsets, I have Backbeat 2100 for when I'm out or at work, and Sennheiser 4.50BT for music, and they can be used wired or wireless, yet none of my friends who tried them were able to tell the difference between wired or wireless. When you buy a headset will matter much more if they are good as a model, than the fact it's wired or wireless. I still have my AKG k99 perception, but I would not turn back to wired.

Over $300 phone without bluetooth 5 in 2019 is unacceptable.

  • RD

Well, I have bought a variety of phones in the past few years, and ended up returning some of them, and the original P20 Lite was already a bit large to carry comfortably. The rumored screen size is out of the question for me; through experimentation, 145x75 mm is the largest footprint I find acceptable. Anything larger interferes with movement and feels awkward to use.

CompactPhones5ever, 18 May 2019"Also good luck finding phones with sd card and 3.5 jacks, ... more122/157 (still 77%) Android phones actually, the rest have different form factors and/or OSs. Fanboys always bash other people's preferences. Even worse, Energizer released 4 flip phones with both of those

  • Peterr

Ahahah , 5.84 " nooo that's too little going up > 6" sahahahaa what a big laugh , chinese phone makers f*** th***

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Kk, 18 May 2019They think that any adult or teenager old enough to use a c... moreAs someone with rather large hands and enough dexterity to use >6 inch phones with one hand, I still loved my P10 for the size, and because of that, I am tempted to buy Pixel 3 or maybe Xperia 1, but I have to see them both in a store before I decide.
These huge >75mm wide phones are becoming a pain to use, I can't imagine someone with small hands, and worse, clumsy, with such big devices.
I don't mind if they launch 6.5+ inch devices, I only wish they also released smaller flagships, preferably under 70mm wide.

  • Kk

Melissakis, 18 May 2019I was seriously thinking to buy it for my daughter,I was ho... moreThey think that any adult or teenager old enough to use a cellphone fits it and it's true, it does fit into hands and pockets, I really don't understand you guys, 6.4" should be the minimum 6.7-7" for taller people with bigger hands

  • Gg

The Hink, 18 May 2019I was sure this was going to be my next phone, but with the... moreI am curious why though 6.4 is really fine for any adult, and will fit not only hands but pockets?

steven, 18 May 2019you need to understand that the size doesn't increase of t... more"Also good luck finding phones with sd card and 3.5 jacks, it's 2019..."

Funnily enough, there were 171 phones released in 2019 so far and 133 out of them had both SD card slot and headphone jack: ...That's more than 77%. It kind of surprised me too, but I guess we got brainwashed by OnePlus fanboys who tried to justify not having either on OnePlus 7.

  • The Hink

I was sure this was going to be my next phone, but with the big screen I will look for something else. I want a compact phone with good battery and decent performance. Seems like only Apple are focusing on this segment.

From a marketing perspective, it makes no sense to name it after last year's model. I think they'll go with a different name (model no) in the end.