Our Motorola One Vision video review is up

21 May 2019
Motorola's One Vision takes a new direction in design with a hole-punch display and a great 48MP camera.

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  • 22 May 2019

wait a minute is that the s10 or Motorola?

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    • Adul Al Salami Kebab
    • nrX
    • 22 May 2019

    Anonymous, 22 May 2019the reviewer is also very pretty. Great phone tough, may... moreCould be the Exynos chipset or its the software... V-V

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      • Anonymous
      • MkE
      • 22 May 2019

      the reviewer is also very pretty.

      Great phone tough, maybe they could fiz that batery life issue.....The G7 range(except the power) suffers from the same issue.

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        • AnonD-82756
        • nIs
        • 22 May 2019

        Yeah well I like this reviewer she's great.

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          • yezus
          • 3I{
          • 22 May 2019

          Andy, are you getting paid by the words at a speed? slow down..

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            • johan
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            • 22 May 2019

            please, why do I get the feel you really don´t wanna do this review....if you do, just slow down in the beginning and state your name so we can hear it...

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              • Anonymous
              • 0V7
              • 21 May 2019

              Eh, I mean you can't really call it a radically different design...
              They went from that old ugly design to a heavily Huawei-inspired one.