OnePlus 7 Pro software features coming to OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T

22 May 2019
The company confirmed that older phones would be updated with Screen Recorder and Zen Mode.

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  • Anonymous

Not too thrilled about these two new features but hey I'm not complaining, I'll try them out on my OnePlus 6T.

  • Anonymous

Oneplus fan, 22 May 2019Ok Oneplus users: We want nightsight We get: Useless Zenmode +... moreConsidering the nightsight is reliant on the camera hardware for the pixel binning that the OP6 and earlier versions don't have i would say that's pretty unrealistic to expect it.

  • Anonymous

There is no sound coming in my oneplus 5 but it's all about screen casting service, video will have pure sound and all floating bublle buttons arr automatically hidded by app this is very impressive oneplus

  • RajuK

I have side loaded the camera app of One plus 7 Pro, but now the google lens is not working. Once I point ed it to any name the colourful circle rotates but didn't give any information.

  • SachinAgrawal

Zen mode is my favourite, I hope it reaches more phones as well, it will help a lot of people of smartphone addiction by taking small steps. Getting OP7 this June...

  • Oneplus fan

Oneplus users: We want nightsight
We get: Useless Zenmode + screen recording