Huawei nova 5 arriving with 40W fast-charging

22 May 2019
Devices named SEA-TL10 and SEA-AL10 appeared on 3C, to be bundled with a 40W charger.

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Nova phones where always genuine looking easy to handle and wightless phones with a hefty nice look.
Lets see how the phone preforms when gets released.

  • kuba

optional, 22 May 2019no more Huawei. God bye HuaweiI don't understand why Trump banned Huawei. It is funny. He say, that Huawei company is an active national security threat. But he doesn't have any proofs. Haha. So the only one reason of this ban for me is that Trump could not accept the fact, that Huawei currently is outrunnig Apple.
If Huawei devices are a real threat for US national seurity, then Trump should prohibit sell of Huawei Products on the USA territory. Requiring US companies to cut ties with Huawei, who was their big customer, is now a serious problem also for US economy.

  • momo

Shanti Dope, 22 May 2019With no Google services installed, the battery won't be hog... moreokay buy huawei then if that's the positive thing that you see lmao

Huawei keep launching phone left and right meanwhile people trying to resell their Huawei phone. Like the case in Singapore.

  • Anonymous

who'd buy that?

With no Google services installed, the battery won't be hogged as much as any Android with pre-installed Google services, which omits the necessity for a very fast charging technology, as the battery would last much longer.

  • optional

no more Huawei. God bye Huawei

  • China Numba 1

Nothing will happen to Huawei.

  • Ali2020

Please include micro SD card slot and headphone jack.
Some recent Huawei phones are not coming with micro SD card slot (honor 20 pro, nova 4)

Phone Reviewer, 22 May 2019Pray for Huawei Don't worry. They'll be fine.

  • Anonymous

What a pity...

Pray for Huawei

  • Anonymous