Nokia Lumia 900 hits AT&T on March 18 for $99.99

25 January, 2012
The March 18 release date is subject to the phone passing technical acceptance in time.

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  • AnonD-39949

The average i phone customer doesn't know why an i phone is good, you could stick an apple logo on a brick and call it an i brick and they would go nuts and buy it.
I live in Shanghai and i felt sick when i saw old people line up in the winter cold all night without sleep to get their spoiled brats an `i` phone.
Nokia has been making phones way before apple ever though of it their signal quality and build quality is second to none and not to mention their camera device, when you put this hardware with an awesome OS such as windows phone 7.5 and it is awesome ( i have an android phone im not biased) then you have the perfect match.
I remember my old trusty Symbian N8, it took videos that blew away my 550$ canon ixus digital camera, complete with Dolby surround sound! the video and sound playback quality was astonishing and very immersive esp when you view it on a HD tv via HDMI out!
dont judge before you try and try it for a decent amount of time while your at it!

  • Anonymous

Nokia is the best for calls!

  • Alfredson

I don't know about the Lumia 900, but i've been using Lumia 800 for a few weeks now and it's a very very good phone for people who just wants that their phone works and is easy to use. If you are looking for customization and a powerful mobile computer, you should go for Android, or maybe even Symbian.

  • debigG

Its very interesting to note that whenever a NOKIA phone is posted it gets all these comments, i guess Nokia has a large fan base including haters & well-wishers. $99.99 is a very good price for a high-end smartphone and most of these haters are complaining that the price is too much but Motorola RazrMAXX is $299.99 with a contract as well despite being on another service provider. Samsung fans there will be a SG3 soon , i wonder what the cost will be?????
Keep in mind, the manufacturer will always get their total retail price and the service providers are the ones who imposes the restrictions to make up their profits. Buy the instrument UNLOCKED to save as consumer in the long run.

  • nokiafan

lololo, 26 Jan 2012poor quality cheap looking phone and wp7 is terrible full of mal... moreROFLing at ur comment.
"Poor quality" seriously .. did u feel it by touching ur monitor .. lol. And u r talking about build quality ... dude get a life ... Everybody knows that nokia phones have strong build quality and they have done that for years.
Windows markeplace has malware .... OMG then i don think u should not even think about android then ... would advice u to stay as far away from android as u can .. lol again
why would anyone buy this phone .... to make calls, messages, facebooking (which is intelligently built into the OS), music, see videos, browsing ... hmm anything else u want. This is what u use ur phone for most of the time .. isnt it ? Its nokia .. so it will carry the word "DURABLE" with it always, easy updates on windows platform (need not wait from phone manufacturer for updates or need to go in search of custom ROM to get an update .. oh wait u could again get ur "MALWARE" from that)
This phone is as fast as any high end android phone for which u have to pay $300 .. OMG !!

  • Anonymous

This phone is not even out yet and you all think you can compare it ?

hahaha Wait till you can get one in your hands first.

The only thing we can all be sure of is that as a new release this phone wont be great, its gonna need time to become popular, recieve updates and a larger app market, features etc, the list goes on... Don't expect it to beat IOS or Android for atleast a year.

don't get me wrong, I think the windows OS for phones will be the best to date, just not for a while

  • lololo

poor quality cheap looking phone and wp7 is terrible full of malware.Why would anyone buy this boring phone.Its as bad as the lumia and thats posted poor sales and no surprise.Nokia have run out of ideas and keep putting out the same phones with a very limited operating software.

  • nokiafan

Also android phones need to pay the patent owners ... makes the phones be overpriced ... lol fellas

  • Anonymous

No phone should be on a 2 year contract with a mandatory handset fee

  • Anonymous

In the UK the only phone which carries a handset cost on a 24 month contract that I can think of is a iphone 4s, even then thats only if you choose the lower monthly cost.

  • Anonymous

Whatchasay, 26 Jan 2012Haha. They charge you a 35 cent connection fee in Australia?! ... moreWell don't go with Telstra then.

How about these deals?­tails/9820/Topless-89

Proof enough for you?­amsung-galaxy-nexus

How about one of those bottom 2 plans?


  • Anonymous

Whatchasay, 26 Jan 2012Haha. They charge you a 35 cent connection fee in Australia?! ... moreThe 35 cent connection fee is irrelevant - it's not 35 cents out of real credit.

For $50 or so, you get "$600 worth" of credit for example. The 35 cents comes out of the credit money.

We don't pay for receiving calls either. Does the USA? Yes you do. Absurd.

All of those calling rates etc are irrelevant when you take up Unlimited plans anyway, which are all $90. So whatever.

  • Anonymous

You have no clue, 26 Jan 2012You count Australia as the rest of the world?? That tiny contine... more
Telstra is the most expensive carrier in Australia, it was just an example.

Vodafone Unlimited Talk/TXT/MMS starts at $45 / month. if you need bulk data, pay $60, $70, $80/month. Whichever you choose.

They phones are still all $0 upfront starting at plans of around $55 depending on call needs.

The flexibility is there. If you need unlimited, you can that for under $90/month. On Optus, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone. High end phones all $0.

Any more takers? Anyone still from the US defending their ridiculous arbitrary $99/$199/$299 upfront costs on contracts??

PS It's the same in the UK. And many European countries.

  • bongbong

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2012When did the Lenovo K800 beat the Galaxy Nexus? Sunspider it sco... moreNice exclusive sunspider score for a SINGLE-Core Gingerbread Android.

  • Anonymous

WP7 already making gains led by Lumia. Everything so far has gone according to my opinion. iPhone record breaking sales (when Android fanboys pointed out dip in Q3 sales).

I repeat, 2012 will be difficult for Android as WP7 gains traction, be prepared for losses in market share as other manufacturers start bringing out better WP7 phones as they don't want to miss out and let Nokia have all the fun.

  • Anonymous

bongbong, 26 Jan 2012There is no force deal in hear. We can choose the phone we wa... moreWhen did the Lenovo K800 beat the Galaxy Nexus? Sunspider it scored 1971 vs 1985 Galaxy Nexus, Sunspider has always been a benchmark that was coded towards x86 and later on ARM, also don't forget the Lenovo runs as a resolution of 1024x600 where as the Galaxy Nexus ran at 1280x720 meaning the Galaxy Nexus hardware is taxed more and thus runs slightly slower.

  • dr. nr

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2012Because they're American. They still think phones are actually o... moreYou say phones are 0$ elsewhere with contract. I have been wondering these cheap american phone priceses. Just how much does a contract cost you?
In Finland it is common that a phone costs about same with contract as it would without from any reseller but the contract itself may be very cheap.
I bought HTC Desire HD last year, it cost me about 600$, but I got a mobile internet for 2$ a month with unlimited data transfer.

  • bongbong

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2012uhhh yes we do. A Galaxy Nexus is available on Vodafone Austr... moreThere is no force deal in hear.

We can choose the phone we want.

Everyone want to get their phone cheap...who doesn't.

Nexus on ICS is trashed by a Lenovo on Gingerbread. Why get a Nexus that is 3 to 4 times slower than a single core.

  • Anonymous

Good price. Might make a dent in Android marketshare.

  • AnonD-22674

What will be its price in india?