Samsung Galaxy A10e launch imminent as it passes through FCC

23 May 2019
It will be a more affordable version of the Galaxy A10.

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  • Anonymous

galaxy s6 is the best phone by the size and screen, I love that phone. Even I bought note 8, still using s6.

  • Sebstin

Anonymous, 23 May 2019Why not to make a decent small Phone! ?About 20-30% of PPL ... moreEagerly waiting for compact phone.. Why cant Sammy make e version with compact size with little specs downgrade..!!??. This would cater to the needs for all folks..

Let me guess 199 euros european price and 99 for india and china???

  • Anonymous

Why not to make a decent small Phone! ?About 20-30% of PPL want small Phone and small is less than 140mm. Samsung! Come and take my fu*king money!

  • Magnificent Suleiman

I'm guessing something with Android Go in it, probably with 1GB RAM

Maybe Samsung will re-brand M10 or M20 as A10e just like re-branding M30 as A40s.

Better be a compact (to not mess up the naming scheme)