Redmi K20 Pro arrives with Snapdragon 855 and 48 MP camera

28 May 2019
Redmi K20 also makes an appearance with SD730; both phones to have sweet price tags.

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  • Jake

blanca, 28 May 2019do we know if they have OIS ?? No, it doesn't have OIS.

  • Anonymous

The real killer :)

  • Jake

Professional, 28 May 2019Really?Did you ever heard of TuneIn Radio/Deezer/Spotify/Yo... moreI do not waste my data plan when I go for a walk or run while listening to the local radio. You can spend 10GB very fast and run out of data in a week or a little more.

  • Anonymous

Looks great. I got the Mate 20X a couple of months ago but I would have gone for one of these otherwise.

  • blanca

do we know if they have OIS ??

  • Anonymous

Awesome machines, and the non-pro version doesn't sacrifice too much, something we don't see from other manufacturers (And the pro version doesn't sacrifice 3.5mm jack. Puts Huawei to shame).
I'll probably get the vanilla version, because not only will it be cheaper, but it'll probably have better battery life and heat up less.

  • Krusty23

Do eitither mobiles have NFC?

  • RIP

RIP Oneplus.... you deserved it.

  • Professional

Jake, 28 May 2019Does it have FM Radio? Your specifications aren't updated G... moreReally?Did you ever heard of TuneIn Radio/Deezer/Spotify/Youtube/.... ?!

  • Robin

What is the back material? Glass or plastic?

  • Jake

Does it have FM Radio? Your specifications aren't updated Gsmarena.

  • Anonymous

Amazing price with that spec thank you Xiaomi can't wait to buy it

  • Unrealme

Non-pro version comes with the expected SD 730, with 48 MP too but MX582 instead of MX586 that the Pro have.

All other specs are the same for both. Wow. K20 vs Mi 9 SE (priced same) seems to be an easy choice.

K20 is priced Y1999 6+64 (~$290) and Y2099 (~$304) for the 6+128. Competitive.

this is absolutely amazing!

Redmi K20 Pro:

Amoled, 6.4", check
Snapdragon 855, check
No punchhole, etc., check,
3.5mm Jack, check
4000mAh, check
Second space, check
Dual SIM, check
8GB/256GB, check
MicroSD, check
Price for 8GB/256GB below 400 Euro, check

Xiaomi, give me global version with Band 20, shut up and take my money.

  • SML The Geat

Love it !
A serious rival for Asus Zenfone 6 !

This is it, the real Flagship Killer!

Friendship ended with oneplus, redmi is my new friend.

Really good value. It's like a OnePlus 7 Pro for half the price

  • Anonymous

what is the imx 582 i cant find it