Nokia 9 PureView and Nokia 1 Plus to launch in India on June 6

29 May 2019
The Nokia 9 PureView is powered by Snapdragon 845 SoC whereas the Nokia 1 Plus comes with MediaTek's MT6739WW chip.

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  • Carol

Namelesss, 29 May 2019I thought the Nokia 9 PureView stock was limited, I guess p... moreThey never said how many are made, and it is limited, it is not to be find on all walls like any samesung, huaway or apple.

MrKnowItAll, 29 May 2019Nokia 9 PureView would be DOA. As already pointed out by ma... moreThat's exactly my problem with the phone now, Using my mate 10 pro case to protect it for a moment, and it still take the same good photo with only the main RVB and the middle b/w sensor. And about depth effect, it's still random so not really usable for real photo. Different focals would have been far better.

But I have to say the build quality and the phone are just gorgeous. The photos don't render well compared to when you have it in hands, I was really impressed and still am. I will return it and maybe buy one of those used one (lol, more like just opened) at 450€. It's seems to be a good price for it. Never had a problem with fp scanner btw. And having it in the middle of the screen is faaaaar more usable than the bottom one of the P30Pro I never succeed to use.

  • Anonymous

I am really waiting for this phone. Please bring it to india hurry up.

I thought the Nokia 9 PureView stock was limited, I guess people are not buying them.

Nokia 9 PureView would be DOA. As already pointed out by many reviewers, the software is unpolished and the extra cameras are there just for enhanced depth of field effects, which is a bummer. There should've been at least one wide angle lens in there. I think it's too little, too late. Better luck next time

  • nok

to all commentators here why not apply on nokia to have more people to work not just telling it its to late. in their mobile industry they only small for now because on the miss management whom handled nokia past years after its number 1 decade position.

Nokia 9 pureview still awesome device waiting for an SD855 version or never.

  • jeet.

Nokia should consider India as their prime market. They are realsising it too late and with sd845. Lets see the price..

  • Anonymous

Any phone user: look I took a photo of a strange cloud!
Nokia 9 user: me too!
A week later..
Nokia 9 user: look! It just appeared in my gallery!

  • Anonymous

Nokia OnePlus. Hmm...

Nokia digging it's own grave. Cool.

  • Anonymous

Too late