BlackBerry KEY2 LE available for Verizon Business customers

31 May 2019
The carrier will finally start selling the BlackBerry, but only Enterprise accounts will be able to purchase them.

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  • Ssgjch

Some poeple like Blackberry for their keyboards. I have had Blackberry since 2008. Have had many generations. I happen to love the keyboard. I prefer it over others.

  • BB-fan

bastian, 01 Jun 2019why are they even still tryingHelo.They are still trying because BB has their target group,Law firm,government agencies,banks,medical fields and physical keyboard lovers,still want blackberry phone.So it will continue on with BB device,and now they are on android.Thank you.

why are they even still trying

BlackBerry? Who cares?

  • BB-fan

Luxor, 31 May 2019SD636 at $450. And this is already "lower cost" version. Ju... moreHello sir.BB is not a joke,it's a tool.With that proccessor the battery will last much longer than with a proccessor of 8xx series.Also this phone has a keyboard,that today no one can offer to you.And more important it runs a secure version of android.I think 450$ is a good price for customer.Thank you.

SD636 at $450. And this is already "lower cost" version. Just imagine the normal version, it would cost $600 probably. BB is a joke.

  • Michael

Be nice if you knew how many more months of updates it will get....

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Ray, 31 May 2019KEY2 LE is a "lower-cost". Are you sure? That LE moniker, w... moreThe price is not best for performance per dollar, however the things you pay for here is software support, security software and keyboard and the last one is far more costly than you might believe to manufacture when no other company has Keyboards anymore! TCL most be silly amounts to have some company make it... V-V

  • Anonymous

Blackberry Need To Re Launch The Blackberry Priv with upgraded internals (mid range SD 636/660/675/710/730 processor) and same design for a good price. 400$. Then Blackberry will find acceptance among the mass.

  • Ray

KEY2 LE is a "lower-cost". Are you sure? That LE moniker, watching the price, seems more like "Low IQ Enabled" while you consider purchase it and while you buy it.