LG Optimus L3 E400 goes quietly up for pre-order in Sweden

28 January, 2012
The budget device combines good looks with low end specs. Availability is expected late next month.

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  • baiju sreedher

this mobile very nice
yes. l.g.e400 smart phone is now my best friend 200% optimus 3 perfect mobile phone in2013 thank u .lg e400 i will never forget u

  • Anonymous

good lg l3

  • young

phone looks nice but one problam like all medal renge smart phone without flash and without front cam video call it's not use but hi is not crieting wow

  • Yani

Why would I choose this phone over LG Optimus Hub thats just 5 euro more expensive here in Europe ?
It has bigger display, better resolution and probably also better cpu+ram.

  • AnonD-12210

Bart, 29 Jan 2012Between Nokia Belle and Android I choose Android.as you like ...but i prefer belle. No offense. At this price pt both os r same. Same single core , no flash support , no HD games . Android has a few more apps at this low res. But belle also has good apps. So the hardware makes the diff here. When i choose a nokia i m sure it will be with me the nxt 2 to 3 yrs.

  • Bart

AnonD-12210, 29 Jan 2012nokia 500 has 360x640 screen, 5 mp cam, 1ghz processor n belle t... moreBetween Nokia Belle and Android I choose Android.

  • AnonD-12210

nokia 500 has 360x640 screen, 5 mp cam, 1ghz processor n belle too...at 185 dollars

  • kalpesh m chhantbar

maind blowing

  • fun9

look like nokia lumia/n9 in smaller size. Good job LG, a competitor 4 galaxy y n mini. Hope it got at least 600 mhz pross.

  • Anonymous

I think it sucks.

  • VMick

Frankie, 29 Jan 2012LG !!! Why you step back? Learn from apple how to step forward !... moreApple only taught other manufacturers to charge 500 euro for a mobile phone that breaks at the slightest drop... Most of us do not need a high-tech quad-core mobile phone with super resolutions and Siri... We need a cheap phone with good call quality, good battery and some decent specs. A phone that will get the job done and make your wallet happy.

  • Frankie

LG !!! Why you step back? Learn from apple how to step forward !!!!!!!!!

  • ardniban

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2012My old Nokia 6120c had such a resolution what I bought for $100 ... moreseriously i hate lg's logo than lg itself..

  • VMike

For about 120 euro (in 2-3 months) it's a great phone!

  • expert

front look is boring,,, back panel looks good.......but gt540 and P500 was much better then this but failed to creat a popularity..

  • fuyedoy

AnonD-3303, 28 Jan 2012No, not really, the screen sucks. They shouldn't even use such s... moreits a budget phone man...

  • fuyedoy

great..i hope it will sell in Malaysia

  • HS Bryan

LG is going good, but a little high end spec needed. The screen size must be 3.5" with 16M of resolution, front camera(2MP), HDMI port, and HTML5 browsing

  • seanbrian

This is better than Samsung galaxy y

  • Anonymous

Wow. This is the best looking LG phone thus far, bar none.