The new iPhone XI lineup to have 128GB base storage

03 June 2019
Current models start at 64GB. Even the iPad Pro starts at 64GB, even though it tops out at a whopping 1TB.

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iphone xi xl ? xi xl? xl xl?

  • Anonymous

>iPhone XI
so it's named after Xi Jinping? Neat.
Also they're shamelessly copying the Huawei Mate 20.

  • Anonymous

Phones get larger and larger but still no room for camera without pump

  • Why

Why people still buy iphones!?

  • A E

T M, 03 Jun 2019The new design language is appauling.*Appalling

  • ikky

seriously, a big square camera set-up? what a flop!

  • 5T

This is the year when Apple will flop big time

  • Fadli

Then it will start at $999. Thank u, next

  • T M

The new design language is appauling.

  • DJJ

Base storage will start at 999...I like it

Apple has been stuck with the same design for 4 years

Why do phones even have these stupid bumps so they rock around when you have them on table. So stupid. And I have XR with tiny one. These on new ones look massive.

Let me guess, the base model will cost 1500 USD bla bla.......

  • Anonymous

For a low low price of $2000 (+ tax)

What a revolution!