vivo NEX S gets Android Pie

04 June 2019
Android Pie for last year's vivo flagship.

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This update was great! Battery life and dark mode are the major improvements in my eyes. I like the fact that most apps are truly in a dark mode. Facebook for example, and i'm not talking about Facebook Messenger.

    • W
    • Wolverine248609
    • D0a
    • 11 Jun 2019

    I just received pie on my Vivo nex this morning.
    Its not too good and neither too disappointing. I guess Vivo is taking its sweet time to seed the update to all the phones. Just wait patiently and you should see the update notification one day. Cheers!!!

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • KZK
      • 05 Jun 2019

      Will I be able to finally install nova launcher?

        • V
        • Viktoria
        • vV5
        • 05 Jun 2019

        When is X21 will receive Pie?

          LG v40 still have Oreo in Europe and it has ridiculous prize.

            • T
            • TechEnthusiast
            • PEh
            • 04 Jun 2019

            I haven't got the update!

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • 3xF
              • 04 Jun 2019

              Wait, what? It got access to Android Q Beta before it got Android Pie?

                • S
                • Snh
                • D0b
                • 04 Jun 2019

                But i didn't receive yet. I am from India