LG G7 ThinQ finally gets Android 9 Pie update in Europe

05 June 2019
LG's UI skin has stayed exactly the same, though, so don't expect any visible changes.

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  • E Coello

Any thought on when the update will arrive to central America (Honduras to be specific), I understand that it will surely take more time but any idea around how much would it be?

PapaRafe, 11 Jun 2019Great to hear battery life improves after OS update, this h... moreon oreo always was getting 4h with extensive usages but after pie I'm getting at least 6h
or 5h left with 25% on , this has to do mostly with new adaptive battery mode which learn usages of the user , so it needs a week at least to start learning

Firewarrior96, 07 Jun 2019The battery life is much better than before thanks to the n... moreGreat to hear battery life improves after OS update, this happened only 1% of all incident.
Mostly your battery life suffers after OS update :(

How much SOT can you get from single charge on average after PIE G7?
and how many % battery left by that time?

Any clue whens this update hitting asian markets , i live in india btw

  • Freedom

With there attitude towards update.
Will think 1000 times before buying next LG phone.
Or might not but it completely.
There are many other good phones in the market.

PapaRafe, 06 Jun 2019How's battery life after pie update G7?The battery life is much better than before thanks to the new adaptive battery mode ,screen usage improved up to 25%-30%

manual video mode got up to 240fps 720p

How's battery life after pie update G7?

  • Freedom

Vineet290, 05 Jun 2019Will this ever arrive in India?I am also from India.
May be by next month.

  • haha

Copy the cat, 05 Jun 2019Stop spamming with ur bootloop commenthardly a spam- I addressed bootloop in the last sentence- I got bootloop issue with g4 - and was satisfied as they fixed it / but that's not what the focus of the comment/ - was stating the lack of pie update was the issue -

  • Anonymous

I have an LG G7 ThinQ my first LG plone (before my smart phones ware Samsung and Apple).. I'm going to switch to something else because of how hard updates come.. I like how switching betwin apps is made in android 9 (like on the iphone) and other small visual changes and to wait this long and same look nothing implemented just sacs! Another thing Google Android is updated like 1time/month with security bugs fixes .. lg you get an update after 4 months..

CANADIAN G7 USER, 05 Jun 2019IM STILL HERE USING MY G7 !! on android 8.1 - I understand... moreStop spamming with ur bootloop comment


IM STILL HERE USING MY G7 !! on android 8.1 - I understand we arnt your biggest market and stuff can be busy - but im sorry been using LG since they lg slider- with interchangeable faceplates and removable battery- also the g4 with bootloop issues/ still bought the g7- but never again/ going to purchase a Samsung next time around

  • Anonymous

But the question is:will it get android 10 until 5 jun 2020?

  • Anonymous

Still not in Serbia

Arif238, 05 Jun 2019Is LG G6 also gonna get the pie or oreo was its last major ... moreYes it's getting Pie in the third quarter of this year. I'm awaiting it too.

It's ok for LG to be slow, because they are LG and not Samsung. Only LG allowed to be slow. Am I right.

LG's software is good because of the good optimization, many features and good customizations options but these extremely slow updates and unwillingness to make regular good visual upgrades are really annoying and that's why LG is given this bad reputation in software even though they do many things right

  • Anonymous

Koblih, 05 Jun 2019Wrong. Pie OS upgrade does contain new UI with gestures! ... moreGestures don't change the way a UI looks

  • Koblih

Pie OS upgrade does contain new UI with gestures!

See here: https://imgur.com/CgQTTOz

  • Anonymous

That´s why i dont buy LG anymore