Samsung Galaxy Note10 price tipped

05 June 2019
It's broadly similar to what the Galaxy Note9 cost at launch.

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  • 05 Jun 2019

1100-1200 USD?Hopefully its for the 5G variant.Cause its getting ridiculous,already.Since Apple introduced the
Iphone X with its 1000 USD launching price,others got greedy,too,and following the trend...Looks like the sky is the new limit! But honestly,we can only blame OURSELVES...If we don't buy their phones for a 1000,than they not gonna sell it for a 1000...Very simple.They just want to milk everyone,as much as possible...They are smart;not charging double/2000USD/,they just charge you a 100 more.Next year another 50-100 more.Honestly,this must be end.

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    • 05 Jun 2019

    S10+ +$100, sounds about right. Or S10 5G -$150 which is also about right

      1200 i bet its for Samsung Note 10 E.
      The 5G variant will cost close to Samsung galaxy fold for sure.

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        • 05 Jun 2019

        notafanboy, 05 Jun 2019Yay another overpriced Samsung phoneAnd which decent brand isn't hiking up the prices these days? Even the once cheap oneplus range are slowly creeping up

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          • 05 Jun 2019

          Another year, another price hike!
          That doesn't make sense anymore. Seems like everyone wants more money (should be normal) but not because to try and sell more but to just increase prices. Nice strategy.

            Yay another overpriced Samsung phone

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              • 05 Jun 2019


                Good luck with this price