Google Maps adds speedometer to your navigation screen

05 June 2019
Another Waze feature comes to Google Maps.

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  • Anonymous

Peachy001, 06 Jun 2019Had Windows phones for years, and this was in their maps. It is ... moreI can confirm that UK speed limit signalment is one of the worst in Europe. So the information in the sat nav helps. But don't rely on it - I've had multiple situations in Midlands, Wales, Oxfordshire etc. when the app showed higher limit than it really was (and the limit was a permanent one, not some temporary road works). So beware... ;) This was experienced with Sygic and Here.

Jeez, quit with the here maps spamming FFS!

Lol? Been using this in HERE maps for ages. Plus all maps can be local so you can go abroad with it and not be charged for data. And it just works.

  • Marko

To all the people talking about Nokia and maps... I am still using it, it is called HERE Maps, the name was changed... it's free... just download it and use that one if you like it more then google maps......

  • cleas de vrieslaan

Waze has it now but not much people use waze. To flicker Waze out, they take the speedometer.

  • Ng

Few year ago my Nokia C6 01 already have this
After i switch android device, looking around why so such function

  • Iresh

It was 5yrs ago, but later they removed. Now again introduced. I dono why they are removing and re-introducing after yrs.


4-5 Years back I have the NOKIA N8 and at that time Nokia Map was capable to show every information at that time.
Including Speedometer.

  • HERE Wego nicer

I dont like gogle much, supporting them for free and they make money. I am on HERE WEGO app from formlery Nokia and Audi/Mercedes... It is for free. You download the maps offline (for each country/continent). Only for traffic information internet is needed. Public transportation also included.

njsilva84, 06 Jun 2019Why don't they fix the old and not intuitive walking mode? That ... moreHad Windows phones for years, and this was in their maps. It is a terrific feature. Not sure on your region, but in UK we have a lot of different limits, and it is real easy to miss a sign, if you are somewhere unfamiliar. It is the one bit that for me, is essential in navigation software. I'm a real steady driver but the speed warning has saved me loads of times.

  • iKocka11

I got speedometer in navigation settings.

Region EU / SLOVENIA .

  • njsilva84

Why don't they fix the old and not intuitive walking mode? That would be great.
If you're using google maps while driving, you can look at your speedometer, why would you need that option?
Please Google, just fix what's very wrong and let the minor details when the app will be almost perfect...

Strange that punch hole is captured in screenshot I dont think it should happen

  • ravi4ever

Taken from Waze which they already own, also they merge traffic data from Waze user reported information and their own legacy systems.. making world a better place with No Privacy ..

  • someone

this was there in nokia here maps in 2011 .. lol. what took google so long i don't understand.

  • Anonymous

Nokia maps had this feature long ago.. i use to download 3rd party app for speedometer in my android mobile. Finally, Thanks Google.

CaptnKarl, 06 Jun 2019well that cutout is sure is annoying, does that happen when you ... moreThe screenshot is probably from a S10+ but I don't think this is normal S10+, it's probably modded to show a battery indicator around the wide double punch hole.
Normal S10+ screenshots doesn't show it, see the pictures:­-review-1901p4.php

well that cutout is sure is annoying, does that happen when you take a screenshot ?