Nokia 2.2 goes official with 5.7" notched screen, Helio A22 and Android One

06 June 2019
The most affordable Android One Nokia phone

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2019And after that, the void, nothing. While the Zenfone Max P... moreno it won't, No phone is supported for that long. and again even if it gets supported by custom roms that's not same as stock support from company

  • Carol

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019The Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1 and M2), the Redmi 7, the Meiz... moreIf you remove your self from ignorant list you might actually have something to say. HMD is not, will not be and does not want to be compared with the likes of asus (very less experience) xiaomi (a company that started as iphone clones, copycats with VERY bad quality) and all others that pretty much started the same, clones of a known devices build like a carton box and sticked a crappy name on front. When you owe a nokia, you know you actually hold on a devices and not on a disposable firecracker.

  • Carol

Qwerty2019, 08 Jun 2019Says a CRAZY fanboys, ALWAYS accusing others who disagrees ... moreApple devices, microsoft devices and a loooot of other devices are also manufactured by foxcon. It is actually called outsourcing, because they do not owe, or whant to invest in a production plant, or, in case of hmd, they cannot afford (for the moment() to build thier own factories. The only fanboy here are you. A fanboy of ignorance, who cares about the facts when you can expose your ignorace everywhere you like, right? I mean, come on, you gotta like your 0% knowledge it is something unique, some trolls here migh evny you but i doubt.

  • Qwerty2019

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019Dude, you are completely crazy. This is an entry-level p... moreSays a CRAZY fanboys, ALWAYS accusing others who disagrees with his opinion as crazy...

U know what? No matter what u say, the 'new' Nokia phones are 1000% crap, made in China with the CHEAPEST spareparts available (starting from the charging connectors which will fails in a year, for example).

Also, it is a phone made by Chinese ODM (Foxconn, for example), so when EVERYONE compares them with the likes of Xiaomi, Meizu, Asus, even Realme, they are right.

And, WHO decides that ANYONE with limited budget CAN ONLY buy CRAPPY, OVERPRICED PoS device like this 2.2?
In my country, for US$100, I could get AT LEAST Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (3GB RAM version) which is 10x BETTER than this $h!77y (2.2) devices, for sure.

How can I be so sure?
Well, Max Pro M1 has:
-) Same vanilla Android OS which also got updates regularly
-) Better Display (FHD+ i better than HD+)
-) Fingerprint scanner
-) ROOT access
-) Aluminum body (Nokia low-end devices ALWAYS uses plastic)
-) SD636 (10x better than Helio A22, both CPU & GPU)
-) Bigger RAM for the base variant (3GB RAM vs. 2GB RAM for US$100)
-) Bigger ROM for the base variant (16GB vs. 32GB)
-) 4K video recording
-) compass
-) BIGGER battery (5000 mAh lasts MUCH MORE longer than meager 3000 mAh)

So, who is the CRAZY one, in reality?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019Dude, you are completely crazy. This is an entry-level p... moreThe Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1 and M2), the Redmi 7, the Meizu M6 Note, etc. Aren't more expensive and offer those extra and better things...

They tell another story that corresponds to the money you pay. It's not about money but about what you get in return.

If you remove the updates to this phone, all you see is a crap phone for its price that will limit your user experience a lot that other phones at the same price don't do.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019Sure... for that reason they release this troll phone!!! ... moreDude, you are completely crazy.

This is an entry-level phone with entry-level specs at a budget price. If you want a faster phone with more features then just buy the more expensive models that offer these things.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019NOKIA know how to optimize hardwares... thats why NOKIA is ... moreSure... for that reason they release this troll phone!!!

An amazing display up to 400 nits.... Perfect for troll you in outdoors on daylight, about all under the sunlight when you'll believe to be blind without watch a shit in the screen.

2D Face unlock as key sales... without fingerprint sensor that will troll you with that crap 5MP and crap aperture failing every night and in places with low light. And easily cheated with a photograph of you or someone similar.

A Mediacrap A22 that lags a lot, to troll you when you try to play a modern game or use a demanding app. Another trolling from HMD - Nokia downgrading the phone from a Qualcomm SoC in the Nokia 2.1 asking you the same price...

Where are the stereo speakers of the Nokia 2.1? Ohhhh and another trolling from HMD - Nokia removing the nice stereo speakers feature for a crap rear mono speaker that will sound like a cicada on the table while it is covered / clogged. So other downgrade from the Nokia 2.1

The master Troll phone Nokia 2.2 from the grand master troll HDM - Nokia! Profit it! You can now be fooled and trolled by HMD - Nokia for only 100 EUROS!!! Congratulations!

What a piece of overpriced crap.

  • Anonymous

Qwerty2019, 07 Jun 2019No point explaining all that to DIE-HARD Nsheeps; they don'... moreNOKIA know how to optimize hardwares... thats why NOKIA is synonymous to QUALITY...understand?

Sun Sand, 06 Jun 2019Using a Redmi Note 7 (INR 12000, USD175). It has the necess... moreI'm considering get the RN7, what can you say about it?
How does it run on 'mundane' tasks (web browsing, WhatsApp...)?
And how is cam, display, battery...?

  • Neil Gonzales

I have this love-hate relationship with Nokia. I admit, I am a huge Nokia fan but they failed me many times.

They launch phones that are overpriced and under spec.

Nokia is not listening and still not learning from its mistakes.

So disappointed.

  • Anonymous

Anna, 07 Jun 2019Nokia should seriously stop using old Mediatek processors e... moreSome people just want a phone to do phone things , call , text , etc
These sort of phones are good for general occasional use as a phone

whereis 5000mah battery Phone from Nokia
if Nokia launches 3000mah phone it will be doomed like Sony

Nokia event was held only to launch this one?

  • Carol

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019That's great and all but when are we going to get a revival... moreMeeeeeGo. youp, would have been a better place.

  • Qwerty2019

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2019Oh, 5MP selfie camera without flash and without fingerprint... moreNo point explaining all that to DIE-HARD Nsheeps; they don't understand specs, but they keep saying "Nokia means Quality!" BS.

No matter what we say, they justify Nokia's ABSURD price tag as "2 years Android updates + 3 years updates + Nokia Quality".

  • Anna

Nokia should seriously stop using old Mediatek processors even in their low end phones. Even if they had promised OS updates, due to poor support of processor, update process delays unnecessarily. We had already seen this in Nokia 3 (2017) where OS updates were delayed due to Mediatek processor. Instead of Mediatek processor, Nokia can choose lowest SD SoC for their low end phones.They should also discontinue using 2GB/16GB specifications for their low end phones. 3GB/32GB should be minimum now in 2019 even for entry level phones.

  • Qwerty2019

Alice Deejay, 06 Jun 2019I agree with your fingerprint scanner comment, but the rest... moreDid u ever read Redmi 6a review?

Helio A22 is a piece of $h!7 SoC. One of the reason why no manufacturers using SD42x anymore is because its CPU is weak, making it unsuitable to be installed a newer OS, let alone Android OS upgrade.

A22 has proven to lag a lot on Redmi 6A with the same specs as the 2.2, and u expect WONDERS on the 2.2? Good luck using that PoS, dude.

the 'new' Nokia has NEVER make any 'decent' low-spec devices since their comeback in 2017; ALL they do is releasing OVERPRICED low-spec devices with the most cheap spareparts available (e.g. No low-end Nokia phones produces good Audio, let alone photo quality!).

  • Anonymous

That's great and all but when are we going to get a revival of the N9?

  • Anonymous

Carol, 06 Jun 2019Yeah, their also are gigobigo phones, they are even better,... moreHohoho

  • Nokioum

For my father who wants to finally get a smartphone (up to now he uses Nokia feature phones), he wants 1 100 euros or lower.
So Nokia 2.2, Xiaomi Redmi 7A or Xiaomi Redmi GO?
*Or anything else better that you know!
He prefers it to be compact but with big battery.