Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro renders show off punch hole display and quad camera

07 June 2019
It's identical to the Galaxy Note10, except that it has a larger screen and an extra camera at the back.

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Shanti Dope, 07 Jun 2019Sony comes out first with Loop Surface design; gets disguised as... moresony had 5 inch bezels on all 4 sides ... yes it was a big time joke and so are you .. lmao !!!

Kingslayer, 07 Jun 2019To me, Samsung made a really nice design. Better than the Galaxy... moreIt's more like they're investing in too many different things really. Their semiconductor dept is said to be the most important, but they've been trying again and again to cover almost every other dept in tech hardware and software-wise. Probably explains the messy overall experience

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Kingslayer, 07 Jun 2019To me, Samsung made a really nice design. Better than the Galaxy... moreI’m an S10 plus user and design of note 10 looks exactly like P30 Pro just without tear drop notch so.

To me, Samsung made a really nice design. Better than the Galaxy S10 and iPhone XI. There will be anonymous trolls here that will say it's UGLY no matter what. But I don't care about stuff like that. I need Samsung to be reliable and all they seem to care about is selling hardware. They don't care about the software experience in the long run.

From my personal experience owning Samsung products, it's been hit or miss for me when it comes to reliability. My first Samsung product was actually a DVR. It wasn't a great experience. For me, Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple. They only care about how it looks and how it's marketed. They don't care about the rest.

Design + marketing to cater to these shallow zombies.

Sure, I like Note10 Pro design overall, like removal of Bixby button, smaller punch-hole (still not a fan of), especially in white if it's true, while the axed 3.5mm headphone jack is totally shamed after those years Samsung kept it after Apple popularized the trend (those shady so-called "Ingenious" ads feels borderline for me). But these comments fighting over designs, do I really have to say again?

XZ3 = accused being of S8/S9 copies after implemented the curved OLED to joined the OLED display bandwagon after tons of demands for Sony to implemented OLED on Xperia and Bravia lineup for years, despite Sony produced the world's first OLED TV.
Note10 = accused being 'the early-to-mid era' of Xperia XZ/earlier Nokia Lumia design (Sony called it Loop Surface, Nokia called it Fabula design) copies after some radical design changes for the Note series to make the differentiation between S and Note series to the next level after processor differentiation and some other differentiation aspects stopped at Galaxy Note5.

Yes, the truth: XZ3 looked alike S8/S9, but so do Note10. Looked alike Xperia XZ/earlier Nokia Lumia design. But I like both XZ3 and Note10 Pro despite both copied from each other. Still, I prefer the monolith-design or at least boxy/squarish design over rounded-shape design.

Oh, how the tables have turned in just less than a year... And yes, Sony has returned the classic boxy/squarish-design but with a modern-twist design of Xperia Z's halycon days (with smaller bezels, 21:9 screen) after Kenichiro Yoshida and Kimio Maki took place as Sony CEO and Sony Mobile President respectively. And I hope Note10 series have some surprises behind it to make up the loss of 3.5mm port, to make Note10 series still attractive, especially Samsung fans.

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I don't feel any premium on this phone its my first impression on this phone is like a cheap crappy Samsung phone that it like edited pictures in Google. Samsung fail on this Note10 its like a combination of XZ and P30 pro design. like apple Samsung also will fail on this one.

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ThunderCrackR, 07 Jun 2019Clearly Ford knows nothing about design, be it 2007 or the prese... moreExactly! Fords are an eyesore. Just look how refined, distinguished, and organic Mercedes's designs are.

  • Eyzerman

If Punch holes and notches were industries attempt at increasing screen real estate....then its clear they have become outdated by popup front phone makers have to stop being stubborn and start adopting pop front camera until a better option is derived.


Why is there a pro version of the note? isn't the Note already a Pro version of the Galaxy? It sounds like a Gimmick.

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019Boring and uninspiring design. Actually looks like no design was... moreClearly Ford knows nothing about design, be it 2007 or the present:

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Sony based concept. More rounded on the sides. :)))

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Shanti Dope, 07 Jun 2019Sony comes out first with Loop Surface design; gets disguised as... moreNokia Lumia : am I a joke to you?

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Boring and uninspiring design. Actually looks like no design was involved... just mindlessly assembling some parts and putting them on a phone frame.

Kind of like how a Ford looks (mashup of simple and unrelated designs) compared to a Mercedes for example, which has insipiring design at every inch of it.

Plus the backside makes it look like an iphone clone.

It looks like bigger huawei p30 pro. Galaxy note 10 should be better than this.

If this had 5000mah battery or even bigger, bigger display, flat screen instead of this poor curved display, wasn't look like a Sony/Huawei clone, did not have a funny looking punch hole, a better updated camera.
Then i would buy it.

Now Sammy had their best chance to blow Huawei away before they come back like Speedy Gonzales and then they making this... OMG, they really could make somthing much better and with lots of innovation, but again they make small steps of innovation as they always do.

Before Sammy was it's own with unique smartphones, but not anylonger.

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Shanti Dope, 07 Jun 2019Sony comes out first with Loop Surface design; gets disguised as... moreWhen Sony made Xperia Z and Z Ultra, they already had prototypes with the design after used by Z5c, XZ and Xperia 10.

Loop is called TUBE.
The one used by 10/10+ had before glass frames.
The is also the Y.

Marco M, 07 Jun 2019It's called common sense. A screen's purpose is to display t... moreUse that common sense more for yourself. Fitting your ideology onto others is not right either.

[deleted post]I'm defending Nokia Lumia. Sony fans keep claiming they are first.

logrusso, 07 Jun 2019Neither is yours.I never even stated my usage. Your comment is invalid.

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I think It would makes sense to keep the 3.5 mm headphone jack for the vanilla note at least.