Huawei nova 5i key specs revealed by TENAA

10 June 2019
More spec leaks for Huawei's upcoming midrganger.

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  • Anonymous

Kirin 710? No thanks I'll buy something else

I keep a part of my music collection on my phone and I also put HD movies on it, so the lack of SD slot is a deal breaker for me. I don't use music/movies streaming or cloud.

  • nik oktopas

seems to me that it won't beat the huawei p30 lite, because the
p30 lite has a better screen
~ IPS LCD display
it has a micro sd card slot which the the nova 5i lacks
it has 32MP selfie camera compared to the 24MP of the nova 5i ,
it only will beat the p30 lite on battery

  • sahnoun

is this phone with type c or micro-usb??
no gorilla glass in front??

  • cruizer

CompactPhones5ever, 10 Jun 2019Huawei: After tons of stupid phablets, we're finally giving... moreI think Huawei's just taking a page from the Samsung playbook by flooding the market with many different phone models. That, together with its Honor brand, makes things quite confusing for the customer. But hey, the business model works...if not for Trump they'd probably be marching into the #1 spot by the end of the year.

Huawei: After tons of stupid phablets, we're finally giving people a compact-ish midranger with Nova 5i, which will have 5.8" display, making it similar size as Galaxy S10e!
Also Huawei: Haha f*ck you all, here have another f*cking 6.4" phablet. Why? Because f*ck you that's why!

Seriously though, I'm not saying Huawei deserves all the bullying it gets from US, but they sure make it difficult to not hate them.