Google Pixel 4 with dual front and rear cameras pictured in the wild

10 June 2019
Google's next Pixel will have a pill-shaped display cutout.

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  • 14 Jun 2019

This is pathetic....Google already leaked the rear of its own phone for crying out loud! Why even publish this...?

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    • 13 Jun 2019

    Vasra, 13 Jun 2019Aptx HD has latency and your BT headphone can run out of ba... moreI agree two USB-C would be great for everyone especially if it was at least USB3.0
    As for SD Express whichever OEM implements it first will be a true leader.

      O S, 10 Jun 2019The common SD card is no longer a plus unless it is SD Expr... moreAptx HD has latency and your BT headphone can run out of battery.

      AT least give us two USB-C ports so that we can listen and charge at the same time, on the go (with a battery pack or on the airplane).

      And no, Wifi or even 5G storage over the net is TONS slower than U1 sdxd.

      But yeah, SD Express would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath waiting phone makers to implement that....

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        • 12 Jun 2019

        Unbox therapy yesterday shows factory's forms for Pixel 4 cover' this video is fake at all

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          • 2Iq
          • 11 Jun 2019

          I am not sure how real is this, but damn, that's one ugly looking phone! What's with that chin? Couldn't they reduce it and make it thin and nice? If it's real, then I am passing on it. Ewwww....

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            • 11 Jun 2019

            3.5mm Jack Fetishist, 11 Jun 2019It's all good for business, the bottom line and I won't buy... moreI understand your point but i am just a sole bussiness man i dont create i just sell.
            Soon or later jack will be no more not even on button phones like Nokia 210 or rebranded china made plastic 3310 etc.
            Jack will be no more.
            I wonder what you will buy then.

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              • 11 Jun 2019

              Pretty ugly bottom bezzel

                I actually like the design BUT I'm surprised how large the bottom bezel is.

                I'm probably a little biased and will say I still like the Pixel 3 design more. It might have top and bottom bezels but it looks more symmetrical. Even amount at the top and bottom with front speaker for each side.

                I actually think the smaller Pixel 3 is the best phone design Google has ever done. Actually quite underrated. The Pixel 2 was metal but the bezels were still quite large.

                The second best looking Pixel design to me is the Pixel 2 XL in panda.

                  AnonD-731363, 10 Jun 2019Man i am a bussiness man i run a phone shop with 38 stores ... moreIt's all good for business, the bottom line and I won't buy your phone if it doens't meet my needs.
                  The headphone jack is top priority, ahead of the rest the internals.

                    this guy using Gaussian blur and noise in Photoshop lmao
                    Dude would have a breakthrough leak here and posted pics HQ and in full-size

                      Must be false... damn its ugly.

                        Looks fake as hell. Even Pixel 3 had OLED, there's no way they put an LCD in the Pixel 4.

                        Furthermore, how're they going to engineer the device to have the front facing cameras in the same location as the rear cameras? Would be an engineering marvel if they got that to work. Seems unnecessary too, why not just move the rear cameras? Furthermore, the curves on this thing don't look Pixel like at all. Super fake.

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                          • 10 Jun 2019

                          Anonymous, 10 Jun 2019you must be absolutely delusional if you think that's a thi... moreAnd you have not seen this year's flagships ?????? .. that chin is as thick as Central park

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                            • 10 Jun 2019

                            LG Superfan, 10 Jun 2019Its not about how you look from outside you have to be beau... moreInside they have million bugs in their non-tested stock android Beta versions ... lol

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                              • 10 Jun 2019

                              mark, 10 Jun 2019maybe your just a fan boy of notch and curve displays. your... moreMan i am a bussiness man i run a phone shop with 38 stores around my country and i know what healthy for bussiness and i can honestly tells you jack isnt an option for that.
                              Same goes for SD slot.
                              They think the way reducing add ons but keeping the price so in final the manufacturing price of the phone will be lower but final selling price will remains same or higher such as Iphone 7 first jackless phone. Etc.
                              Countles of examples but i dont think you needs more you already know.

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                                • 10 Jun 2019

                                with that big chin, don't think so this real pixel 4xl.

                                  Nick Tagataka, 10 Jun 2019A huge FFC pill on the upper left corner, and... THICC chin... moreIts not about how you look from outside you have to be beautiful from the inside
                                  Google's inspiration

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                                    • 10 Jun 2019

                                    Anonymous, 10 Jun 2019Google pixel is more uglier on that punch hole like s10 duhh !!That's not correct; you should say 'uglier' not 'more uglier', which is just bad English.

                                      Looks like iPhone 7

                                        Loving my Pixel 3.
                                        The only hassle is E-sim. Not many carriers cater for this. In in Canada but travel. I needed it to be dual sim so to this day that part is basically rendered useless due to lack of carriers. It would be great if there was an option for the second sim to be either e-sim or physical one.