Oppo foldable phone with pop-up camera shown in patent

10 June 2019
New patent shows Oppo’s vision of a foldable device.

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  • geez

No one will buy

They waiting for Xiaomi or Huawei to do it first then copy it.

  • Claes de Vrieslaan

not again....

  • ikky

good luck!

  • Anonymous

Looks like the Flexpai. In other words: FAIL.

  • Anonymous

Who the **** is Oppo !

  • Anonymous

While folded you have your better camera for selfies and then when tablet mode you get to use that popup. Why would you need that selfie camera at all for tablet mode ? Just fold it when you need the video calls or selfies. But no the more cameras you have the better or something

Hmmmm interesting

[deleted post]What the...