Google Pixel 4 supposedly showcased in oddly dark renders

10 June 2019
The source has been very reliable in the past, but these images are based on early prototype schematics.

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  • gringo

ugly back

  • Ed

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2019Interesting, after the long nose notch from the 3XL to the ... moreyeah I don't know why they called themselves a "DESIGNER".

  • Anonymous

Interesting, after the long nose notch from the 3XL to the long nose notch plus hump. Someone at Google lost the north...

"The long nose hunchback of Mountain View". Coming soon in the best horror cinemas.

Bye bye front firing speakers, seems that the large nose notch is there, Jack is still lost, and now with the horror hump. Is it supposed that they want sell phones...? hahaha. Must be some kind on virus affecting US designers.

Huh, everyone is bashing Apple (and rightly so) for this camera design, and how Google responds to that? By doing the same of course! Duuh?

This is getting ridiculous. Look at the P20 pro and take notes. This thing has a beautiful back and the cameras look like being a part of its back, not an afterthought.
This Apple design? Like they put the cameras on the back at the last minute and call it a day.

  • Anonymous

Fake, the old leak is the real one

Mr. T, 11 Jun 2019alright Google you're in now for punch hole camera while ot... moreYa, they are behind.

And camere like Iphone, i would say like Huawei, but again Iphone took the great idea from Huawei and try to improve it.

2 US firms learning from China... Well done :-)

  • Mr. T

alright Google you're in now for punch hole camera while other Chinese OEM's is on its way for in-display cam. what a shame.

iPhone XR2 rip-off (both front and back design and also dual rear camera setup)
Well done Google, hopefully get rid of that f@#$ing chin at least.

Maybe the headphone jack is placed on the top. That shouldn't be a low end feature; That jack is a high end feature if paired with a QuadDAC which I think it's cheap and viable nowadays.