scores a billion

30 Nov, 2007
Our Stats page tends to go unnoticed more than often. It provides some insight on the number of info pages we have served to the mobile community. Earlier today the hit counter flipped over the billion mark...

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  • PUP

Gr8 going GSMARENA TEAM...I wonder how much money you guys make out with we as your customers!!!! :)

  • DaveS

yes, i can read. and the comments on phone specifications here make for interesting reading...

  • Yemmie

Thanks Guys for the great job you're doing here. I'm a cellphone freak, and every time I pick up phone, I must first read what you guys have to say.

Just keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

To DaveS, re: nokia 4eva, and stuff
Can you read, mate?

  • DaveS

yeah... just like nokia...

  • Leo

I don't imagine my life without!!! Good job guys and congratulations!

  • st_jorge

CONGRATULATIONS GSMArena...just like NOKIA you're the King and the Best when it comes to mobilephone information, so well organized! 2-Billion viewers is a breakthrough. This goes into history that will be remembered! LONG LIVE GSMArena! MABUHAY KAYO from Philippines!

  • DaveS

congrats and all but you do realise most of the hits are people going "se rulz!!!11" nokia 4 eva" ur phone sucks, mine is much better!

  • aLwoRks

Good Job, GSMARENA!that is my most preferable phone site when each time i m looking for a new phone. keep up the great job u all have done ! cheeers~~~

  • maddy

Congratulations GSMArena.
Wonderful work.
Also I would like to thank them for the superb, unbiased reviews done; which helped to make a decision in buying my mobile phone.

Well done!

  • AMD

really.that's happen because provide us as customers in all information about the phones in differentiated way, that's make customers up to date all the time, please visitor be loyal to as usual, and i say thankx GSMarena,com

  • Rahul

Hi Folks!
GSM arena is numero uno! the best site where I've been running to to get any kind of mobile information organized and we can analyze it too. Regularly updated! Great job GSMArena. Thank you for keeping us updated. -- Regular visitor from the past 19 months.


Hey guys! Congrats on your amazing acheivement. 2 Billion means you guys have served 1/3 of the Worlds population :) Go for 6 billion now!

Just to add I have been using GSM Arena since 2005, when i started working for Telenor in Pakistan. Often customer calling on the helpline would ask us to recommend handsets or ask about features of handsets. GSM Arena was the site with all the info I ever needed to guide customers. So thanks guys and keep up the gud work!

  • Vilas Patil

You have the largest Data base for GSM Mobiles. You deserve to be one of the most browsed website when it comes to Moblie handset knowledge. You Rock in this field. Keep the good work going.
Being myself in Mobile gaming industry I visit this website 8 to 10 times a day.


  • kudaboalha

you guys have provided us with wonderful reviews and news regarding gsm phones.. i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Anonymous

wow, keep up the good work guys!
my friends told me that GSM Arena is well-known for its wonderful GSM phones database.
and i think that's why that makes people keep coming here.

it's too bad i can't find the same databases for CDMA phones...


this site is awesome iam on here since 1.5 years keep it up vary nice good good excellent!

  • sj

the site is what it takes to hit the billion flip mark which is nt enjoyed by much. etails abt everyphone n upcoming models. though i wish u also show some companies n phone like the 'helio ocean' of usa which is a rage there and is said to be taking battle with apple iphone. keep up the gud work

  • bling

first of all thanx to u guys for ur work in keeping us (people) up to date with the latest and TRUE information about the most sought after thing currently.
although i'v already bought my mobile 2 months ago but i still visit this site daily . don't know why but i think its
cheers and regards to u guys.. keep it up

  • Junior in Jamaica

Congrats! I have found your site very useful over the years.