Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ get Night Mode in new update

11 June 2019
The update is currently rolling out only in three countries.

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  • punith

i recently installed my phone
June security patch
the above update showed 8 intensive bar
but after update it is only 7 intensive bar
and major bug issue
front camera 8.1
after update 5.1
what the bloody hell!

I got this update of 574 MB for my S9+ (India) today.

  • wok

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2019got the update on malaysiareally? which model you're using ? my s9+ still yet to get the june update...

the background blur intensity on mine still on 7 (i already did hard reset) and the night mode on s9+ sucks

  • sthbr82

Yet to receive May security updates in United States. It may take quite a while to get these updates in US.

  • Jet

From Philippines here and yup just got the update...

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2019Nope, im at June 1st security patch and i don't see any of ... moreCheck your display setting section. It's right there, halfway down. "Nigh Mode". Black everything as far as you can see, as long as the app is aware night mode is enabled. The Samsung apps do switch to it.

  • Anonymous

Got the update here in Germany.

  • Shaad

you should added slow mo on the Samsung Galaxy A8+ ...
Thank you

  • swissd8

I am downloading it right now, it is the same update available for Switzerland it seems

  • Yani2000

I'm on previous G960FXXU4CSE1 version (May 1, 2019 security level patch).
There were some camera updates if I remember correctly.
And this is the worst update ever! My battery life is now very bad!
Hope this version fixes previous battery drainage.

  • Anonymous

ms, 12 Jun 2019it would be beneficial if the new night mode feature works ... moreIt's the night mode in Camera bruh. It had that "Dark" mode already and works in system apps

  • Anonymous

Australia got the update just before the launch of the s10 lineup

  • Anonymous

got the update on malaysia

  • Anonymous

Why S9 first get the security patch of June, while my S10 has only May patch and thats the latest in the Philippines as of now.

  • samsungs10

great to know the s9 got night mode before the s10 in the states .. so awesome

  • Firefox

What about A50/70?

  • Anonymous

I have had night mode on my s9+ for months now I beleive since March or April

  • Anonymous

ms, 12 Jun 2019it would be beneficial if the new night mode feature works ... moreHuuuuh, that is not the night mode the article is talking about...

  • ms

it would be beneficial if the new night mode feature works on all Samsung apps including the Samsung app and Samsung theme stores