AT&T's LG V40 ThinQ gets Android Pie with April 2019 security patch

11 June 2019
The update is rolling out over-the-air and should reach all the units in a week or two.

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  • Ano

9 months after pie official release I'm still waiting to get it on G7. Too bad

  • Ghanshyam Mulani

It's been more than 8 months that Google Launched Android Pie / 9 and LG is still unable to give us a perfect date that when it would Release Android Pie / 9 For LG V30+, inspite of so many calls Given to them, there has been exact data coming from them. +91-9870075042

I've never seen a brand more careless than LG. Despite huge criticism regarding updates by customers, they seem not to even bother releasing proper timeline to software roll out. Their recent fake propaganda of Software Update center turned out to be non existing. Next time, no one would believe anything LG would say. Leave Android updates aside, atleast we expect quarterly security updates and bug fixes. Hope their mobile division dies.

Non lg user is trolling

Unbelievable. I thought it will never happen.This is the reason why I don't like LG phones. They never bothered with OS updates.

LG just updated its last year flagship to Android Pie (boring update with almost no visisble change as usual) while some phone manufacturers are getting ready for Android Q

Late update not even up to date.

LG, your Software Upgrade Center from last year was a scam