Honor 20 launches in the UK, shipments begin June 21

11 June 2019
The Honor 20 is on pre-order in the UK through a number of retailers.

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2MP macro: for "rare" read "pointless"

Huawei are one of the best smart phones manufacturers cause this phone has a lot stand out features and the price is unbeatable guys wow. This is fair pricing

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Anonymous, 11 Jun 2019Giving Huawei and honor a wide berth until they can get and... moreThey already show .I. to Google. And already have announced the release of their new operating system. There was a lift of the ban for 90 days, anyhow Google, ARM, Micron, etc cut ties with them equally. So that is. BB

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Giving Huawei and honor a wide berth until they can get android OS back...

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how about honor 20 pro?

Donald Trump is currently fuming in his office reading this lol

I usually dislike fancy colors on a smartphone, all my smartphone collection are totally black lol.

But that Honor 20 Phantom Black color looks dazzling!