Weekly poll part 1: the best premium and 5G flagships of 2019 so far

16 June 2019
These are the best phones to launch in the first 6 months of this year, but only one can be on top.

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Won't vote for any 5G device. Not because they aren't good devices. No, it's because their main selling point, you guessed it, 5G, isn't ready or completed yet. 5G is only half-defined. The 3GPP says they won't finalize the standard until the end of the year. Thus, this 5G we have here is 5/2G. It can't be a %standards% phone without the %standards% being defined first. That's like saying you are all grohzerngers. What in the world is that? Nobody knows. So how can you all be that if it means nothing? You can't.

Kangal, 16 Jun 2019I think the 5G category is entirely meaningless. We won't get p... moreHonestly LG G8 is nowhere near Xperia 1, S10+ and P30 Pro it only has Quad DAC thats all

For Flagship P30 Pro is hands down the best aside from a few small drawbacks like no 3.5mm jack, FHD display and NM card none of which is a dealbreaker especially considering you are getting the best camera currently on market and S10+ is close secondits nothing interesting but nothing missing flagship which is a complete package but sgain nothing interesting.
Honor 20 Pro is a solid budget flagship imo its better than Oneplus 7 cause its cheaper and offers more only Redmi K20 Pro beats it.
Xperia 1 is a big improvement over previous XZ series, its design could have been abit better but its good to see a competitive Xperia especially in camera department where they were lagging behind
For Best 5G Flagship its hands down S10 5G no explanation needed

Xperia 1 improvement is the best from Sony yet, but not the best in my book. Played around with S10+....hurm its just not my taste. Well to each his own.

P30 Pro it is.
- arguably best camera quality
- best battery of all phones that mentioned
- Supercharge
- EMUI will be as fast as day 1 even after 2 years of usage

The rest of the phone thats not mentioned dont have enough 'oomph' to be called 'proper flagship'

I am shocked that you people did not even consider Apple for innovated 5G technology -_-+

S10+ is the SECOND best smartphone this year, only to be toppled off by its biggest brother, S10 5G which has slight improvements. Best display and speakers, great battery life, software and camera. One can only imagine how good the upcoming Note will be.

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Axon 10 is better than OP7

Yeah the P30 is highest on the DxOMark mobile list with 112 same as S10 5G unless you ment only the main camera P30 129 vs S10 5G 117.

I honestly would chose the S10 5G but have to admit selfies doesn't interest me at all have taken a total of 5 in my whole life.

notafanboy, 16 Jun 2019Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10 5G? Really? Do you people live in an... moreYou tell us Samsung is overpriced yet you recommend LG & Sony which both are the same case with Samsung. If you're gonna be bias, at least give some constructive criticism.

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Melv, 16 Jun 2019My choices: 1st - S10+ 2nd - 1+ 7 Pro 3rd - Xperia 1 I... moreBut you choose s10+ with hole in the screen

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notafanboy, 16 Jun 2019Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10 5G? Really? Do you people live in an... moreS10 plus literally beats xperia 1 in every department. May be you are the one who is dreaming.

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Where is the oldest phone with 5G? Moto z with 5G mod

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NipponFan, 16 Jun 2019Xperia 1 hands down Lmao!!

I think the 5G category is entirely meaningless.
We won't get proper 5G Modems integrated into the SoC until at least Q4 2020, and we won't even get proper rollout until 2021. And by that time, in 2022, there's going to be much better phones that support 5G.

Now, as for the actual flagship category, it's a little difficult because each device has its own flaws and there isn't one that stands out much more than others.

For instance, when it comes to having the purest software, fastest updates, longest updates, root, and Custom Rom support the OnePlus 7 Pro wins. When it comes to hardware, the LG G8 pulls ahead by having a flat display which can apply Glass Protectors, lack of camera hump, some drop/impact resistance, and slightly less slippery design. When it comes down to the one with the best camera, there's a close battle with the Huawei P30 Pro, Sony Xperia 1, Samsung S10+, and LG G8. As for the audio, this is now a close match between the LG G8, S10+ and the Axon10, as they all have headphone jacks, and an earpiece-assisted downward firing monospeaker, and competent DAC's. As for the display, the Samsung S10+ is the objective winner here. When it comes to battery life, the Samsung S10+ wins here with its large battery and more aggressive battery management.

Overall, I would say the S10+ is the best all-rounder. It is however very slippery, can't be protected properly (due to stupid curved glass), and it's expensive to repair. As for software, Samsung's doing a lot better now, but the International/Exynos version is worse and the Snapdragon version is too locked-down. The LG G8 lacks the bootloader unlock tool, and has availability issues. The ZTE Axon10 Pro has even more issues than the G8. Whereas the Sony Xperia 1 is just downright expensive, and lacks a headphone jack and good speakers. The OnePlus 7 Pro lacks IP68 waterproofing, microSD slot, headphone jack, and a good speaker (front-firing stereo loudspeakers). So the shortcomings of the OnePlus and Huawei seem to be unforgivable when you realise that none of these phones have User Replaceable Batteries.

If you still have a decently working phone, its best to NOT upgrade yet. The iPhone 11 and the Pixel 4 are both shaping up to be disappointments. However, you can look forward to the ASUS RoG Phone 2, which may combine the best hardware to the best software.

All flagship are great...3.5mm jack in S10+ is the reason i would buy over other flagship.

My choices:

1st - S10+
2nd - 1+ 7 Pro
3rd - Xperia 1

I avoid waterdrop notch at all cost.

Xperia 1 hands down

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Huawei P30 Pro - best flagship
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G - best 5G

Ofc. Huawei.

That's an easy win from the 1 for me. It has drastically improved in the camera department while keeping traditional Sony's strengths.