turns 19, happy birthday to us!

15 June 2019
It is good to be a grown-up.

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  • Reza

Years and years , you served well , and we are thankful.
Happy birthday gsmarena .

Happy birthday!!

  • Dip's

Happy birthday to GSMArena

  • Avi FiBe

Happy Birthday!
Been visiting your awesome site for more than 10 years!

  • Anjorin Emmanuel

Happy birthday to every member of the great GSMArena family! We just can't appreciate you enough for your labour of love, dedication to duty, sacrifices & professionalism. Thank you

Hi Guys!
Happy birthday to you all! You are making an amazing job by helping us to keep in touch with all the news in this crazy world of mobile telephony. Personally I truly appreciate the deep knowledge you put in your reviews.
And a recognition to George for his funny mood as the unbeatable male model for the selfies tests :) :) :) :) :)
Best regards from Uruguay!

  • Pravara

Happy birthday to GSMArena

A very Happy birthday Gsmarena! We love you all Gsmarena for being a tech lover's and the work you have done for us,Stay Forever.

  • bhavin patel

H A P P Y B i r t h d a y.....................

  • Swagat

Happy Birthday.

Atleast once a month for the last 10 yrs, I have followed GSM arena analysis.

Happy Birthday ! ! !

Note to all: 'GSM Arena' has an official beta app. I have it, and I suggest that you and your friends get it too. Birthday Cheers.

Happy Birthday !!

  • Jmi

Happy birthday GSMARENA
I'm using this website last 10years really very helpful,,,,,

  • PDunky

Happy Birthday GSMArena! I visit your website daily to keep up to date. When I was looking to upgrade my phone (decided on the iPhone 8+ at the time) your website helped me make an informed decision. Thank you and may more birthdays to come. All the best!

  • Anonymous

happy birthday!!!!!


HBD guys

i have been visiting this site every day since 2004.

this is my first point of call before i buy any new phone and where i get update on devices and all other techs.
but what i found very difficult to understand is why all this 19 years you guys have not thought it useful to have a mobile app for android and IOS.

anyways good work guys keep it up

  • kaos.geo

Happy Birthday and thank you!

  • Saif

Happy Birth G.A

  • iamdarola

Happy Birthday Guys! More growth to come. Only get better please!