turns 19, happy birthday to us!

15 June 2019
It is good to be a grown-up.

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  • Cal

I have been coming to your website since 2004,can never forget this site, legendary timeless website

Checking my first Sony Ericsson k750 in your site lovely memories :')­-30.php

I check this same page 14 years ago......

Happy Birthday Beloved GSMArena

Happy Birthday GSMArena, still long road to Go ,best wishes

  • Git

Continue with your great work!

  • AnonD-819322

First time I used GSMArena was back in 2008. If there's one thing I ask for, it would be showing the temperature of phones under load in reviews.

  • Anonymous

Where is the cake!!!

Happy Birthday to All Gsmarena Staff and Fans and please bring dark mode to web as well

  • j3poysy

Happy Birthday GSMArena! Thank you for your awesome reviews.

Happy Birthday! I've been a reader since 2009.

  • moinmoin

Congratulations on your 19th birthday from Team

Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

Happy birthday. You are the best phone news site.

  • Ahmad

Happy Birthday GSMarena

I have been watching you since 2005.

Happy birthday! 🥂🍰🎂

  • $rK

Happy Birthday GSMArena!

  • Js

Happy birthday gsm... Love you

  • aneesh

Many many congrats.. Keep guiding us :-)

  • rahman.diehard

happy birthday gsmarena !!!

Happy Birthday, GSMArena!!!