Counterclockwise: the rise of Gorilla Glass and how it changed the phone industry

16 June 2019
Corning, the maker of GG, was a struggling company in 2007 until Steve Jobs secured a deal to use its product on the original iPhone.

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Samath N8 808 owner, 16 Jun 2019I think its nothing special. My Redmi 2 Prime came with AGC D... moreThat's anecdotal evidence and is in no way a factual and scientific comparison between Gorilla Glass and Dragontail Glass. You need something more scientific than this.

Actually it became more scratch able after gg3. Now a simple tiny stone from the beach, will ruin the screen unless you have screen protection on.

I think its nothing special.

My Redmi 2 Prime came with AGC Dragontrail, which is from Asahi Glass company.
And it faced some terrible drops multiple times before finally cracking a little in the corner. And zero scratches, I repeat, zero scratches. Now you may argue that it might be a thicker glass or so, what can I say.
While all these GG's in Samsungs and others continue to break way more often.

I think its all a marketing world now, not a performance world.

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Just a quick reminder that glass backs are cancer.

And it's all hype and bs, mostly from corning and other lieing yank corps, most of what corning has ever sold was under licence or plain stolen from others.
Compare even gg6 to decent lab grade glass and gg6 comes out as a load of rubbish..